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It’s a Long Way Home for Expat Workers

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  As the Philippines’ BPO and outsourcing industry grows and matures, the demand for hiring senior expat BPO executives...

Backup – Insure – Disaster Planning

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If you are running backups of your data – take the backup offsite!

Passive Hostility or “Tampo”

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A rough translation would give way to a juxtaposition of two very unlike words - "passive" and "hostile".

Beetle: An Exotic Delicacy

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The salagubang are a rare treat that are usually available during the "unang ulan ng Mayo" (first rainfall of May).

In Tagalog: “Kaliwa” and “Kanan”

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KALIWA (KA-LI-WA) Translation: Left KANAN (KA-NAN) Translation: Right

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