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The Perks of Having an ACR I-Card

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What is an ACR I-Card and what are the advantages of having one?

 The Alien Certificate of Registration Identification Card  or ACR I-Card is issued by the Bureau of Immigration and works like an identification card for foreigners. According to the Immigration, all registered aliens who have been duly issued paper-based ACRs are required to replace their ACRs with the microchip-based ACR I-Card. This new and hi-tech card contains a lot of important information about the owner, such as full name, country of origin, and even visa status. The card has a lot of advantages which includes faster and convenient transaction when getting a bank account here in the Philippines. The Bureau of Immigration has also listed down several advantages and convenience of the ACR I-Card that foreigners can fully enjoy:



To the ACR I-Card Holders: 

  1. They are provided faster processing time at the ports of entry and exit with a maximum of 10 seconds for the verification process.

  2. They are assured that they are holding a genuinely issued ACR.

  3. They receive faster and more efficient service at the BI offices for immigration requirements.

  4. They are provided incomparable convenience as they are holding only one immigration document. No more paper-based ACR and ICR/NBCR/CRTV/CRTT/CRTS/CRPE, ECC, SRC, and RP.

  5. Quick verification of information.

  6. Eliminates illegal and unwarranted detention of alien residents. The implementation of the ACR I-Card Project will prevent and eliminate instances where aliens are indiscriminately accosted, harassed, and detained on mere suspicion of possessing fake or fraudulent immigration documents.

  7. It decreases the cost of transacting business with the Bureau of Immigration as the ACR I-Card Project will eliminate fixers, illegal middlemen, and syndicates issuing falsified documents.


To The Bureau of Immigration: 

  1. Automates process of alien registration.

  2. Eliminates fraud in all aspects of alien registration as well as in the immigration entry/exit points in the country.

  3. Reduces the resources needed for manual passport checks and encoding of pertinent data while drastically improving immigration process time.

  4. Achieves higher revenues for the Bureau and the national government through increase in number of aliens who will register and improved efficiency in collection of fees.

  5. Enhances security of national borders against entry or exit of terrorists and transnational criminals; eliminates human smuggling activities.

  6. Increases efficiency of services to the resident aliens.

  7. Improves internal governance by eliminating fixers and illegal personnel issuing falsified documents.


While the ACR I-Card being an important card to secure for a foreigner, it is not a replacement for either visa or passport. Secure your passport, visa, and your ACR I-Card to stay in the Philippines in accordance with the law.



Author: Aris Malli  


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