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My Island Memoir: Colibra Island

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Somewhere further from Alaminos, Pangasinan, about 2-3 hours by land, where the air becomes fresher, there’s a very peaceful and quiet town with pristine white sand. The town is called Dasol. Finding vacant lodging there is not difficult since it’s a place only a few people know about. Moreover, locals in that town are very friendly, respectful and accommodating.


The water at the beach has a very cooling temperature. It will surely relax your skin and muscles despite the presence of sea weeds and moulds.


The resort in Dasol where we stayed in is lovely, quiet and peaceful, surrounded by small huts to hang out, a pond with pretty water lilies and healthy palm trees. Furthermore, it’s right in front of the beach. There is no loud music and people shouting, yelling or partying. Meals can be ordered from the friendly manager and they are served anywhere around the resort.


 We started our day early to get into the boat bound to Colibra Island. But before anything else, we prepared our swim wear and sunblock for our day trip. The whole journey of going to Colibra and Crocodile Islands, then back to the resort in Dasol will take about three to four hours. Water, extra food or snacks, cameras, first aid kits and sunglasses must be packed. It is advisable to bring extra dry shirts and towels, which you could use upon leaving the island.  Snorkel sets can also be brought if desired.



 The ride is calm but the seawater is deep. As the saying goes, “Silent waters run deep.” Better hold on tight while on the boat and don’t move too much as no life vests are provided by the boatmen.



The boat ride going to Colibra Island is about 40 minutes.

Upon arriving, the island is just as fascinating as expected. No one lives there since the island is too small, so starting a village there is not possible. There are only stillness, the sound of the wind blowing and the shores. You can do anything you please while in the island—take plenty of pictures, pick shells or corals, sunbathe, eat snacks and explore the whole place.


One of the best things to do in a beach is to bathe in the water. However, in Colibra Island the water is cold. Word of caution, be careful of swimming in the darker blue part of the sea as there is a sudden drop to a deeper sea bed. It is best to just lay on the shore while letting the water flow beneath you.


If ever boredom will strike you, you could try trekking to the other side of the island. Walking through the clean and grassy hill is also a nice experience. But be careful when walking on rocks because they can be slippery.



The other side of the island is fun for hanging out even though there is not much to do but the same things as on the shore. When the sun starts to feel too hot on your skin, you may rest on some of the rocks scattered around the hill.

Laying on the shore is also quite relaxing. Snorkelling is safe as long as you stay within 20 feet of the shore and swim with a partner. Swimming with small fishes and other sea creatures is so much fun.



It only took us an hour to stay there and hang around. Since we had an itinerary that must be followed, we had to get back to the shore of the island right after an hour as another island was set to be explored in our schedule.


If you’re a first timer, it is not a good idea to go alone to a quiet town such as Dasol. It is safer to go with a travel group because they provide transportation and they make sure you’ll have lodge reservations.


I recommend checking in with TravelPack to see what they have scheduled and to ask about their latest package rates.




Phone: +63 (905) 418-8258, +63 (919) 376-4775, +63 (922) 204-0122‎

Contact person: Shella Milaor

Package rates are at around Php2,000.00 since the itinerary includes going to another island and a visit to Cacupangan Cave, but these rates are subject to change. Trip itinerary, complete package details (transportation, food and accommodation) and instructions will be provided upon signing up. They tag along anyone in their trips—solo travelers, partners or even groups.



Author: Carla Pido  



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