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Weekend Beach Getaway to Puerto Galera

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For those expats living and working in Manila, it’s good to make an effort to fly around and see many of the famous beaches around the Philippines such as Boracay when you have a week off. However, it’s also nice to visit some of the less famous beaches for a short weekend trip to get away from the busy Manila and relax on a quiet beach.


Puerto Galera, located in the province of Oriental Mindoro, 130km south of Metro Manila is accessible by a 2 hour bus ride to Batangas Port, for under Php200, followed by a 2 hour boat trip for approximately PhP500 return. The same boat makes stops at Sabang and White Beach, the two main tourist destinations. If you’re traveling in the peak tourist season from December to May, it’s best to book accommodation in advance, but if you’re traveling outside these times then it’s easy to find accommodation once you arrive, as varied accommodation is available to cover different price ranges.


The beaches are long and beautiful, and there are plenty of accommodation and eateries right on the beach. Compared to more popular beaches in the Philippines there’s less to do here, making it ideal for a weekend adventure.


Having said that, there is still plenty to see and do, apart from the normal beach activities of getting a tan, swimming, drinking a cold beer, playing volleyball, watching the sunset or nighttime stargazing and relaxing. You can ride a banana boat, rent a jet ski, buy souvenirs from the vendors on the beach and get a cheap back massage. You can walk inland to buy cheap fruits at the market, or ride a tricycle or jeepney to see the waterfalls named ‘Tamaraw Falls,’ where you can witness the amazing water cascade down a steep 30 metre drop into a pool at the base where you can swim, or just enjoy the view from the side of the road. If you want to follow your own plans and explore, you can also hire a motorcycle for a day and explore the island.


Puerto Galera is also very popular as a spot for snorkeling and diving due to the diverse marine life and it’s location in the centre of the ‘golden triangle.’

PGdivingSo if you’re feeling crowded and rushed in Manila and want a change of pace for a weekend, Puerto Galera is an excellent nearby trip that can easily be done in a weekend by leaving Friday afternoon or first thing Saturday morning, giving you plenty of time to enjoy what it has to offer and still arriving on Sunday evening in time to get back to the normal working routine on Monday morning.


Author: Derek Stewart



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Scruba Diving –

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