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Enchanted Kingdom Theme Park

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Living in Manila as an expat is never boring as there’s always something happening. New areas to explore, places to try, things to learn and people to meet. There’s also many popular and world famous destinations a short flight away. However, when thinking of simple things to do nearby for a half-day, it’s easy to draw a blank beyond eating out, watching a movie, shopping and some touristy things you probably did shortly after arriving.

Visiting the Enchanted Kingdom (EK) theme park in Laguna is a great way to see how Filipino’s do theme parks, discover a new province and spend a half day reliving the fun and childhood wonderment of your youth, or a good place to take the kids who are still enjoying their carefree years.

First opening in 1995, EK is open all year round, covering over 40 acres of land and just under 30 kilometres from Manila. Entry is Php600 on weekends and public holidays for adults, Php500 on weekdays, with cheaper entry for students, children, senior citizens and groups of 4 or more.


Getting to EK is an easy 45-60 minute drive, bus or private van trip away, which costs between Php60-120 each way. From the bus stop, a five minute Php40 tricycle will take you right to the main entrance. EK also offers a shuttle service from Ayala Carpark for Php150 each way, or from Quezon City for Php180 each way. 

Once inside, you’ll find there’s something for everyone. Gentle rides like the Carousel or Ferris Wheel for those with weak stomachs, as well as seeing old villages, gift shops and trying your luck at winning a prize from the numerous games. Those feeling more adventurous can tackle the Space Shuttle, EKstreme Tower Ride and Anchors Away. If you don’t mind getting wet, the Jungle Log Jam and Bump N’ Splash are two fun water based rides, just remember to bring a change of clothes.


If you get tired of clutching your stomach and feeling the adrenalin shoot through your veins from the extreme thrills of spinning backwards and upside down on the Space Shuttle, or dropping 30 metres in a split second on the EKstreme Tower Ride, there are other activities you can also try for a change of pace, such as Go Karting, Indoor Paintball or batting cages, which cost an additional Php100-150 per activity.

As the sun goes down, EK lights up brightly and looks amazing. On special occasions they even have fireworks. So to see great views of Laguna from the Ferris Wheel, or on the rides before you rapidly descend down a slide and receive a face full of water, or to shoot your friends and family with paint and ram them in bumper cars, come and visit EK for a fun filled day.


Enchanted Kingdom

San Lorenzo South, City of Santa Rosa, Laguna

Contact EK: +63 (2) 830 3535

Ticket World: 891-9999

SM Tickets: 470 22 22


Author: Derek Stewart



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