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My Island Memoir: Crocodile Island

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Another island to visit while in Dasol, Pangasinan is called “Crocodile Island”. Unfortunately this island does not have the pristine white sands of Colibra Island. However, it is still worth the visit in an island-hopping trip.

While on the boat on the way there, you will see rock formations surrounding the island which highlight the differences compared to Colibra.


Docking there is a relaxing and lovely experience. Walking through knee-deep waters was not too cold, instead it felt refreshingly cool and clean, although planted with some small weeds.


The rock formations in the view from afar still has only knee-deep waters but walking there would take a lot of time. 

While walking around you will see plenty more rock formations with shallow waters but moving currents and waves. Sitting on them would not be a pleasant experience since these rocks have rough surfaces and sharp edges. They are not good to play around on if you’re accident-prone. They are best to admire from behind a camera while you take photos.


Caution must be taken while walking around. Watch your step since there could be rocks beneath the water surface which can cause accidents and injuries.


After taking pictures and walking around the dock side, it is time to take a walk up the hill to go to the other side. The walk is not as long as the hike up Colibra Island’s hill.


Upon getting to the other side, there is much serenity to be felt. There is nothing but the sea’s ankle-deep running waters, the wind, and the huge rocks that are much safer to sit on and take pictures than the previously mentioned ones.


Sitting and standing on these rocks for picture-taking can be done but with a lot of care. Getting off is not easy. They may have not much sharp edges but they can cause you to slip while trying to getting off.


Staying there also takes about 1-2 hours. Consuming packed snack and hanging out with companions can be done while on the shore in a small sheltering cave.


The water at the dock side is very clear and only ankle to knee-deep. Bathing is a good idea but must be done with care since it has a rough sea bad. 

While taking a few more minutes to take pictures before hopping back to the boat, you would notice other cute living creatures. Be sure to be friendly and harmless towards them, and they will do the same towards you. Caring for nature must be the philosophy for any traveller.



How to get there: 

It is not a good idea to go to such quiet towns as Dasol from Alaminos, Pangasinan without going with travel groups if it is your first time. It is better to go with one to be safe and sure of reservations, without the hassle of asking around for directions and places to stay. 

I recommend TravelPack to be checked if they have schedules and to ask about their latest package rates. 



Phone: +63 (905) 418-8258, +63 (919) 376-4775, +63 (922) 204-0122‎

Contact person: Shella

Package rates are at around Php2,000.00 to Php3,000.00 since it includes going to another island and a visit to Cacupangan Cave but these rates are subject to change. Trip itinerary, complete package details and instructions will be provided upon signing up. They tag along anyone in their trips whether it is for solo travelers, partners or groups.

Author: Carla Pido  


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