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Italian Restaurant War #2 – Part 2: La Nuova Pasteleria

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Italian Restaurant War #2

Va Bene Pasta Deli vs. La Nuova Pasteleria

The food is Italian but “Pasteleria” is Spanish for “pastry shop”. This restaurant doesn’t sell pastries and the owner is Spanish. Confused? Join the club. Anyway, let’s see how it stacked up against Va Bene from last week.


La Nuova Pasteleria

OK, Forbes and Dasma locals have been dining there for more than 30 years so this little café in Makati’s high-rent residential district has, no doubt, a coterie of loyal customers. But what is the food like?


We started with the usual – Salad Caprese – and it was terrible. The Mozzarella was of the tasteless block variety with the corners cut to make it look more like the real Buffalo Mozzarella that comes in big, round “blobs” in a saline solution. The basil leaves were fresh and plentiful but the tomatoes were raw and inedible. The olives were fine but the olive oil was watery and tasteless. And it was comparatively expensive – PhP 428.


Insalata Caprese

 The menu said “meat scollapine” in English and “Vitello” (veal) in Italian. Basically a breaded cutlet sans the bone. I asked the waiter if it was real veal. He said, “Yes.” Nicely cooked it was not at all dry but…..I reckon it was pork. For PhP 806 it should have been veal. The Ravioli Verdi was chewy and over-priced at PhP 554. The Puttanesca pasta was OK but didn’t have the chilli-hotness you get in the original. The Minestrone was over-thickened and lacked any flavour authenticity.

ravioli verde

Ravioli Verdi


Filleto di Manzo al Funghi

Desert at La Nuova is primarily a selection of cakes and as this restaurant is owned by a “bake shop” they looked and tasted very good. I asked for some Amaretto to lavish on the sponge I chose but the only digestive on offer was grappa.


Strawberry Shortcake, Concorde and Coffee

The bill for two came to PhP 3,600 and included a corkage charge of Php 672 (though the waiter said they usually charge PhP 800). At Va Bene we paid less than PhP 5,000 for 5 adults and 2 kids (and there was no charge for corkage).

On a positive note, the place was very quiet. 6 diners when we arrived at 7.30. None when we left at 8.45. 4/10.


La Nuova Pasteleria is located at:

San Antonio, Forbes Park, Manila, Philippines



(02) 817 8568

(02) 867-2370




Va Bene wins this little war – no contest!

Author: Veritas


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