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Interesting Wines, Sublime Cheeses

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This review is not about a restaurant. It’s about a club – a membership club. That doesn’t mean non-members can’t attend but they need to be invited by a member.

Every month between 150 and 200 club members and guests gather in the Main Lounge of the Manila Polo Club. And every month they are treated to a different selection of approximately 20 wines and 20 cheeses from all over the world. One month all the cheeses may come from Spain; another month they’ll be from Belgium; or Australia; or Ireland; or Germany etc. etc. The wines usually come from the same country as the cheese (except in the case of Ireland, for example, when there’ll be a selection of international wines, plus Guinness, of course).



The Cheese Club of the Philippines has been around for more than 30 years. It doesn’t seek publicity, nor does it need to. Membership is capped and new applicants can wait many months to become members. It is neither a locals’ club nor an expatriates’ club – it is a group of individuals united by a common love of great cheeses (most of which are flown in especially for the monthly sessions) and good wines and they can indulge themselves for as little as PhP 1,000 per month. (Guests pay PhP 1,500.)


So if you’re a newcomer to Manila or you’ve never heard of the Cheese Club, ask your “foodie” friends if they are members or know a member. Then beg an invitation. It’s an experience you won’t forget in an atmosphere heavy with the aromas of exotic cheeses and an air of lively social connectivity. 9/10



Manila Polo Club is located at:

McKinley Road, Forbes Park,

Makati City, Philippines 1220





Author: Veritas


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  1. Sounds superb. I’ve been in and out of Manila for more than 20 years, and always missed a good cheese and wine. Now it seems tis problem may be solved