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A Taste of Binondo

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My friends and I love food and we want to explore places we haven’t been to, so we planned to take in Binondo’s so-called “Food Tour” by ourselves. A few readings from various blogs and some researches then off we go.



Considering that the four of us were all from Rizal, we chose to travel via LRT from Santolan to Recto station then a jeepney ride to Divisoria.  Thereafter we walked our way to Binondo. We actually planned to print a map of the vicinity in order to help us with the directions but unfortunately, we weren’t able to do so. Good thing there were lots of people whom we asked for directions.

Our first destination was the Lucky Chinatown Mall, located at the back of 168 Mall.




After strolling and taking the scenic route, our adventure continued as we walked the streets of Binondo looking for great food finds.


At last, we found our landmark, the ‘Binondo Church.’


Upon arriving at the Ongpin vicinity, we headed to a Chinese restaurant where we ate our lunch, of course at a reasonable price. We were tired and our feet were somewhat sore with all the walking that we almost decided to eat at this kitchen-like restaurant. The food looked great but we didn’t really find what we were looking for as we wanted to taste authentic Chinese dumplings and noodles. Thank God our friend decided to take a peek at this small and almost-hidden-place named Kao Chi—that’s really a life-saver.


My first impression about their food was they looked plain and not that appetising . But looks never really say it all.  Their hand-made dumplings were so delicious and so did the other food they served. We were really satisfied and it only cost us Php 147.00 each so that’s Php 588 overall(147.00 x 4). Not bad!

Check out photos of food we ate:


Hand-made dumplings


Wanton Noodles



Salt and Pepper Spare Ribs


Yang Chow Rice

We strolled down the street again after eating. Along the road, there were fruit stands, herbal drug stores,  food stalls and restaurants. I can say that there was light to mid-heavy traffic of people along the streets…literally!




There’s definitely no shortage of Eng Bee Tin shops in Binondo as it is well-known for its affordable Chinese delicacies. Found at almost every corner in Binondo, you will notice that each shop has long checkout lines of people buying tikoy, hopia, and all sorts of Chinese delicacies. Of course we will never let this shop pass.

We fell in line and ordered plain tikoys, hopia mongo, tikoy rolls, colored ampao, mooncakes and peanut cakes.




We then walked again searching for the ‘fried siopao‘ place that had made a ringing name among food bloggers. The store is located near Bahama Street and they are sold for only Php 17.00 each.


After all the food adventure, we decided to go home. While walking through Ongpin street we saw a bakery called Lord Stow’s Bakery where they sell egg tarts (one of their specialities) and several other pastries, sweets and desserts. They sell each tart at Php 42.00.


After trying those egg tarts, we all walked our way back to the Lucky Chinatown Mall where we chomped on their tea eggs. Their fried ice cream were not available at that time; too bad ‘cause we’ve always wanted to take a bite on that fried, creamy goodness.

tea eggs

Our first food adventure in Binondo was really tiring (with all the walking) but rewarding. It’s an addition to our food and travel experience. I believe this would not be the last time that we will go there and have a remarkable kind of food adventure. Maybe we’ll visit Binondo a couple of more times in the near future and explore other Chinese restaurants. Who knows, maybe we can finally get our hands on that fried ice cream.

 Author: Michael Julio and Madz Florenosos


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