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Divisoria – The Philippines’ Shopping Mecca

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Outside 168 mall and 999 mall in Divisoria


Bargaining? It’s more fun in Divisoria!

If you’re in Manila and are looking for cheap finds, you definitely shouldn’t miss out going to the well-known shopping mecca in the Philippines, “Divisoria” or also called “Divi” by its patrons. Divisoria is part of Binondo, the oldest Chinatown in the world, established in 1594. Everything you need, you can always find it there – cheap clothings, accessories, shoes, appliances, electronics, food ingredients, fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers, gift items, souvenirs and giveaways, school and office supplies, etc.

Divisoria has five malls:

1. 168 Mall – It is located in Binondo, Manila between Santa Elena and Soler streets.

2. 999 Mall – It is located just beside 168 mall so it is very easy to find.

3. Divisoria Mall – It is located in Binondo, Manila on the corner of Tabora and Sto. Cristo streets.

4. Tutuban Center Mall – It is located in Binondo, Manila on C.M Recto corner R. Antonio streets. (This mall was burnt down by a fire accident wayback 2012.)

5. The Lucky Chinatown mall – It is located on Reina Regente corner dela Reina streets, Binondo, Manila (just near 168 and 999 mall).


Let me share with you something. I have a small online business before which focused on catering for girls’ stuff, specifically accessories like elegant jewellery, ladies’ bags, sunglasses, watches, etc. I have suppliers there at Divisoria so whenever I buy bulk items for my online shop, I get big discounts, because you can bargain with Chinese merchants. Aside from the fact that they give big discounts and you can easily bargain with them, the people there are also approachable and friendly. Therefore, it is really fun to shop there.


Of course, there’s always a downside in everything. When you go there, brace yourself to walk a long way, because you need to know which store will give you a big discount and will have the best selling price. You will also encounter many, or should I say “crowd” of shoppers there. Another thing is, you should stay alert and always keep an eye on your belongings. As much as possible, when you go there, just bring only your necessary belongings with you like money. Do not bring so much money. Don’t wear jewelleries or flashy accessories – these will surely catch the eyes of snatchers. Do not wear an outfit which will make you look so rich. Keep it low by just wearing simple and comfortable clothes like shirt and jeans. Just bring enough money to buy what you want. Even though there are so many eye-catching items that you can find there, there are also pickpockets/snatchers. In Tagalog, we call them “mandurukot”. They are roaming around the area, so be careful.


Here are some of the merchandise that you will see in the malls there.



Accessories store and kids’ stuff inside Divisoria Mall)

With just Php500, you can buy so much stuff already. On the right picture, it says that everything in that store is worth Php10 only. This is definitely a good bargain that you can only find in Divisoria.


In case you want to experience like walking at a Chinese town, here in Binondo also, we have the Lucky Chinatown Mall. Lucky Chinatown Mall has branded stores inside like Adidas, Aldo, Bayo, Charles & Keith, Converse, Levis, Mango, Speedo, etc. It’s very beautiful there when you explore the place. But don’t expect the price of the merchandise there to be cheap just like the ones in the first four malls mentioned before because in Lucky Chinatown, almost everything is expensive. Tourists usually go there to shop. In there, they have so many retail and food establishments to choose from.


Inside the Lucky Chinatown Mall

Now you know where to go if you want to buy cheap items. Remember: Shopping? It’s more fun in the Philippines!


Author: Jazel Mae Cruz 



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