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Expat Residential Option: Where to Settle Down in Subic Bay

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Subic Bay area is among the ideal places that expats can consider when looking for a place to settle and retire. Since the place has been conformed to the preferences of past foreign settlers–from the time the Spaniards first came there in 1542 to the time the Americans left their military bases there and in Clark due to the Mt. Pinatubo catastrophe in 1991–expats may find the place suited to their very liking. Here are some reasons why.


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Subic Bay area is an ideal mix of urban and rural living, especially if one desires the refreshing environs of thickly wooded areas and an enchanting sea plus the modern amenities of city life. In fact, it’s a perfect place to retire in for those who want a simple but quality life away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Yet, it’s merely 2 to 3 hours away from Metro Manila. Here are some residential places to consider:


Alta Vista Residential Estate: a residential community sprawling on a 28-hectare property of gently rolling terrain overlooking Subic Bay and the mountain ranges of Zambales


Housing Units on Ilanin Hills: This place affords American-style homes right in the middle of decades-old wooded rainforest areas. Enjoy fresh and clean surroundings and the adventures of the great outdoors.


FV Resort: This used to be American military officers’ residences but now turned civilian residences in the middle of a resort-community. The housing units are said to be affordable and yet of top quality designs within the convenience of a classy community that has resort and tourist-fun features.


Subic Bay Freeport Zone (SBFZ): Most business people prefer staying inside SBFZ for its modern conveniences and amenities. Those with families who can afford the units find the apartments, condos and bungalows here suited to their needs and preferences. The area is safe and secure and close to major establishments.


Aside from the pollution-free and almost zero-traffic conditions in Subic Bay area, residents also get to easily enjoy the fun and adventure the place affords on a daily basis. Imagine easy access to diving and snorkeling spots, jet skiing, para-sailing, sailboating, kayaking, jungle adventures nature trekking, bird-watching, bat-gazing and a lot more nature trips. There are some 20 sunken historic vessels to explore in the bay, ideal for underwater adventure. (While in Subic, don’t miss the Siberian tigers!)


With sports, Subic easily affords car or go-cart racing, golf, tennis, biking, bowling and basketball, to name a few. In fact, facilities for sports activities dot the place. Whereas amusement amenities are also available in the area, like casinos and other facilities for nightlife like bars, plus stylish restaurants both local and foreign are easily located. There are also many posh venues for shopping and doing groceries!


Fact is, over 1,000 businesses are in the locality to make sure life is fun 24 hours a day! And they are all managed with eco-friendly policies and rules to preserve the surrounding wildlife. Needless to say, Subic Bay area authorities are employing strict environmental rules to make sure living there is a continually healthy and exciting experience for all.


In short, it is hard to get bored living in the Subic Bay area.


And with overall safety and security, the area is served with a 911 emergency response system 24-7.


Accordingly, some 8 million tourists visit Subic Bay each year. That speaks volumes about the wonders of living there.



Author: CS Gaerlan
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