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In Tagalog: Negosyo and more!

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Last time, we learned about the Tagalog words for farmer, engineer and businessman (negosyante). This time, let us focus on business.




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negosyo – (noun) business

negosyante – businessman / businesswoman (from the root word “negosyo”)

pagbenta – (noun) selling


Say it correctly:

negosyo – neh-gos-yoh (with intonation on the second syllable)

negosyante – neh-gos-yan-teh (with intonation on the third syllable)

pagbenta – pag-ben-tah (with intonation on the second syllable)


Reminder: In Tagalog/Filipino language, vowels are always pronounced in their short form. For example, short “a” like in bat, cat, mat. Not long “a” like in Kate, rate, hate.


Photo source:
Top photo – Lemonade business –


Inspiring Story About Zack’s Business:

Zack’s Shack is so much more than a lemonade and cookie stand. Inspired by a school-wide competition to raise money to purchase wheelchairs for people in developing countries, Zack decided he wanted to do more. Years later, Zack has raised enough money for more than 300 wheelchairs to give to others in need. Learn more about Zack and why “it feels so great to give” in this inspiring video.








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