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Fashion, Style and Charity: Dam Good Stuff Inc. Offers Early Christmas Shopping For A Cause

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In the Philippines, Christmas begins in September and ends on the second week of January. It is now September and early holiday shopping is a smart thing to do rather than last minute cramming in December. Do you have a special lady in your life? Are you clueless on what to buy her this holiday season? The options are endless and Dam Good Stuff Inc. has numerous jewellery designs and styles to offer. We shall also explore the reasons why you should give your special lady jewellery this Christmas.




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First, let’s get to know the company Dam Good Stuff Inc. The company started in October of 2002 with the slogan “Beautiful jewellery, sustainable income”. Their mission is to provide sustainable income for a women’s cooperative in Pangasinan, Philippines. Their products are high-quality fashion accessories made of semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals and other natural materials with sterling silver or metal components.


“Dam Good Stuff is a livelihood project that provides sustainable income for a women’s cooperative in Pangasinan, Philippines who were relocated by the development of the San Roque DAM. By purchasing our products, you are supporting these families and assuring them of sustainable income while expanding and enhancing their livelihood potentials.We guarantee you, our export-quality fashion accessories are really dam good stuff!”


This September, Dam Good Stuff, Inc. invites you to come and visit their clearance sale. Details are as follows.




Why Jewellery? It is Art and Science.

Dam Good Stuff Inc. is a jewellery company and has a lot of suggestions for you for holiday shopping for gifts. Jewellery is a romantic gift whose symbolism dates back to ancient times. It is also an appropriate gift to give to one’s mother, sister, daughter and other ladies in your family circle. Although jewelleries represent prosperity, giving one is not always about its monetary value. It is also an expression of art and style as manifested through unique designs. The use of semi-precious stones adds beauty to each piece of art. These are artistically combined with pearls, Swarovski crystals, and beads made of glass, wood, corals and other traditional materials. In combining all these elements, we have more than a jewellery piece. We also have a specially handcrafted work of art that makes your gift more precious and worthy to cherish for years.



A closer look at these rare semi-precious stones: aquamarine, agate, turquoise, lapiz lazuli, rose quartz, emerald, aventurine, amethyst, jade, moonstone and more! These stones were not created by Mother Nature overnight. They were formed through centuries of high heat and pressure and mixture of earth minerals. The Philippines has an abundance of these semi-precious stones.


I consider the craft of jewellery making as both art and science. It is art through the designs shown by simplicity or complexity on how the materials are used and combined. It is science, specifically mineralogy, which is a combination of chemistry, material science, physics and geology. To marvel at God’s beautiful creation, take a look at a gorgeous pendant with a crystal or gemstone on it. From this item, realise that you hold a little piece of Mother Earth in that stone or crystal that to took centuries to form. Sometimes, you may even find lines and ripples within each stone. These are hints of high heat, pressure and earth minerals that were involved in the formation of a single semi-precious stone. A little knowledge on Earth Science will help one appreciate the value of these little wonders.


Don’t forget to buy a gift for yourself. There are also iconic metal jewelleries for men. Maybe you also need to feel the healing benefit, energising or calming effects of semi-precious stones. If you don’t know which semi-precious stone to pick for yourself, you may start with a simple pendant containing your birthstone (or the stone of the month you were born).


Happy shopping!



You may also find Dam Good Stuff, Inc. products at Kultura in SM Stores and with Philippine Fashion Week 2016 collection.


Dam Good Stuff, Inc.

Address: Unit 303, One Corporate Plaza, 845 Arnaiz Ave., Legaspi Village, 1229 Makati City
Phone: (02) 840-5183



Author: Marcelle Villegas






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