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Confidently Beautiful With A Heart: A Tribute To A Queen

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What is the Miss Universe beauty pageant all about? Reigning Miss Universe, Ms. Pia Wurtzbach explains its significance as an international event, a special moment for hard-working dreamers and being the best for your country.♔


“Having to pass on my own crown here in my country…I couldn’t be more grateful.


What we have here for the competition are the best of the best of the respective countries. These girls competed to win or were chosen so that they can wear that sash and compete for the Miss Universe crown.


Miss Universe is all about empowering women. Behind that sash is a girl with a story of inspiration, of empowerment…and that’s what Miss Universe is all about. It’s not just a pretty girl on stage who’s fit, who’s wearing a beautiful designer gown. It’s about a woman with a story, a woman who’s ready to be the spokesperson, a woman who’s ready to take on the job. And I hope that woman is ready. We have 86 of the most beautiful from all around the world. I know these girls…I know they’re ready and so am I. So, ladies and gentleman, let’s show the world that it really is more fun in the Philippines.”


~ Ms. Pia Wurtzbach, Miss Universe 2015
Speech at 65th Miss Universe Governor’s Ball



♔ 20 December 2015 ~ Winning moment during the Question and Answer portion of Miss Universe 2015, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #ConfidentlyBeautifulWithAHeart


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Many consider Ms. Pia Wurtzbach as not only a beauty queen but also a hero who brought back the prestigious Miss Universe crown to the Philippines after 42 years. Looking back in time, Ms. Margarita “Margie” Moran-Floirendo represented the Philippines and won the title on 21 July 1973 in Odeon of Herodes Atticus, Athens, Greece. Then on 19 July 1969, Ms. Gloria Aspillera Diaz is the first Filipino and third Asian to win the Ms. Universe title. She won during the Ms. Universe pageant in Miami Beach, Florida.



♔ Looking back at the “Most Beautiful Day in the Philippines”, 25 Jan. 2016, one year ago, Ms. Universe Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach’s homecoming parade in Ayala Avenue, Makati City


Let’s get to know Ms. Pia Wurtzbach, her story behind the sash and her memorable reign as Miss Universe before she passes her crown to a new Miss Universe on Monday, 30 January 2017 (Manila time).


Miss Universe 2015 – Top Three Asked Final Question

Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach was born on 24 September 1989 in Stuttgard, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Her father is Uwe Wurtzbach (German) and her mother is Cheryl Alonzo Tyndall (Filipino). When she was 11, her parents separated and she started supporting her family by doing modelling and acting. She was partly raised in Germany but grew up in the Philippines and eventually spent several years in England.


Before she won the title of Miss Universe on 20 December 2015, she was known as Pia Romero in the Philippines as a professional model, actress, host and TV personality. She studied at the Center for Asian Culinary Studies in San Juan, Metro Manila. She was also a stylist, makeup artist and beauty writer for the local newspaper Philippine Daily Inquirer’s 2bU section.



♔ Her famous crown: 311 pcs diamonds, 5 pcs blue topaz, 198 pcs blue sapphire, 33 pcs crystal, 220g gold


Ms. Pia Wurtzbach joined the Binibining Pilipinas Pageant three times before winning the Binibining Pilipinas Universe title. She first joined in 2013 where she won as 1st Runner-up. In 2014, she joined the competition again but only ranked in the top 15. She made a third attempt in this beauty pageant and finally won the highest title, Miss Universe Philippines, and thus she competed in the Miss Universe 2015 Pageant in Nevada, USA.


Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach – Winning Moments


Radio Interview, USA

Finally, when her reign as Miss Universe is over, she remains a celebrity around the world and the ultimate beauty queen in the hearts of people who have found a role model and an inspiration to be “confidently beautiful with a heart”. It is no doubt that Ms. Pia Wurtzbach made last year exciting and glamorous with her participation in events and presence on media. Last year, she posted videos online about makeup tutorials and cooking lessons. Here is one cool video where we see her culinary expertise (and awesome sense of humour) as she teaches us how to make empanada, a traditional Spanish-Filipino food.


Cooking with Miss Universe 2015, Pia Wurtzbach – Empanada Recipe



Author: Marcelle Villegas
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Cooking with Miss Universe 2015, Pia Wurtzbach – Empanada Recipe
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  1. Pia Wurtzbach is just amazing and indeed confidently beautiful with a heart. I like her cooking video. Looking forward to see her next projects after passing her crown to Ms. France.