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Expat Residential Option: Why Some Expats Prefer to Live in Makati


Among the most practical ways of avoiding traffic in Metro Manila is to live in Makati. One would see most people heading towards the city early in the morning for work and most tourists who look for a really good place in the metropolis eventually end up in Makati. Each morning on a work day, there are more than 1.3 million people who are non-residents of Makati who head to Makati to work here. Imagine the great number of people who pass by EDSA going towards the major roads of Makati on a daily basis.


So, why not just live in Makati? This is a good place to enjoy modern city living. 



Makati City in Metro Manila is known as the business capital of the Philippines and the home of the Makati Stock Exchange, most embassies and foreign business chamber groups. #MakeItMakati


See some of the advantages:

  • About 90% of embassies are located here.
  • Some of the best international hotels and restaurants in the country are found here like Fairmont Hotel Makati, Makati Shangri-La Hotel, Dusit Thani Hotel, Discovery Primea, New World Makati Hotel and more!
  • Major corporate offices are based here.
  • It is accessible from the international and domestic airports.
  • It is accessible to the South and North of Luzon.
  • All modes of transportation are available–bus, train, cabs, jeepneys, tricycles, and even rent-a-car.
  • It is the foremost business district in the country. It is the home of the Makati Stock Exchange office and most of the foreign business chambers. The Makati Business Club is a forum and business group comprising of some of the top executives of the country that work together in making this country world-class.
  • You find some of the best commercial complexes here like Circuit Makati, Glorietta, Greenbelt, Powerplant Mall at Rockwell Center and more.
  • Residential areas are aplenty.
  • There are a lot of good spots to visit in Makati alone.
  • There are many cool privileges for senior citizens of Makati that are exclusive in this city like free movie in Makati cinemas all day and any day, and more!
  • Makati City is known as the first city in the Philippines that has skyscrapers. The tallest residential building in the Philippines is in Makati and it is The Gramercy Residences (since 2012) in Jupiter Street, Bel-air Village. It has 72 floors and stands 820 ft. The tallest building in the Philippines is the PBCom Tower (since 2000) in Ayala Avenue. It has 53 floors and stands 850 ft. Discovery Primea (2014) in Ayala Avenue is the tallest hotel building in the Philippines. It has 68 floors and stands 820 ft.


Where to Live


What’s easier to find in Makati are apartments. There are also condominium and townhouse units available for sale, but initially, it is more practical to get an apartment while choosing the ideal residence. These apartment units–mostly in the Ayala area and in Fort Bonifacio, are generally secure and spacious. Try looking around One Roxas Triangle (ORT), One Salcedo, Four Seasons, Pacific Plaza, Greenbelt, Essensa, Serendra or Hidalgo, and Rockwell Residences, the latest fad.


To scout for residential lots, recommended are Forbes Park, Urdaneta Village, Dasmariñas Village, Bel-air, San Lorenzo Village, and Magallanes Village to name a few places. These exclusive residential areas are known for their opulence and upper-class neighborhood.


For more affordable properties, Del Pan and Guadalupe are good places to look into. However, most properties here are occupied or taken and small rentable spaces or rooms are likely the most options one can avail of. That’s how in-demand residential places in Makati are.


Things To Do


Aside from enjoying the posh commercial areas around Ayala with their towering skyscrapers and modern ambiance, there are lots of places to visit here.


Museums and a historic triad of roads. Ayala Museum remains the top among the places worth visiting in this city. It features Philippine history in realistic diorama models plus some awesome relics and artifacts. If you are into World War II history, you must visit the Ayala Triangle Gardens and see if you can spot an airport’s control tower. It’s the Black Bird Restaurant whose building is the original structure of the Nielson Tower. Nielson Airport is the first airport in Asia and one of the best airports in 1937. 



Today, Nielson Airport (or Nielson Field) is now part of the “Ayala Triangle.” This building is the only remaining structure from pre-World War II in Makati City. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Asia-Pacific Cultural Heritage Awards honoured this library for the conservation of this beautiful and historical building.  After the war, to give way to the development of the Makati business and commercial district, the airport’s runways were converted into roads. Today, these roads are known as Paseo de Roxas, Makati Avenue and Ayala Avenue. The only part of the airport that are preserved are the control tower and the passenger’s terminal. This is the Nielson Tower (now Black Bird Restaurant) that we see today at Ayala Triangle.


Shopping. Living in Makati makes quality shopping an exciting daily experience with Greenbelt, Rockwell Mall, Glorietta and SM Makati in the lead. Also worth visiting are Hallo Hallo Mall at the Enterprise Building along Ayala, Philippine Blooms Flowers and Gifts along Kamagong, and Bangkal Thrift Shops along General M. Hizon for affordable buys.



Upmarket shopping at Greenbelt Mall in Makati.


Sports. Drop by Makati Sports Club in Bel-Air, Makati for your sports hobbies. Membership privileges include the use of the swimming pool and the basketball, tennis and volleyball courts among many others.




For family members still finishing school, Makati has lots of schools to offer. Some of the known elite schools with international curriculum in Makati City are Assumption College (France), Colegio San Agustin Makati (Spain), and more. For MBA courses, Makati is also the location of the world-renowned Asian Institute of Management, Bradford University School of Management, Ateneo Graduate School of Business, and more. Centro Escolar University has its branch along Gil Puyat Avenue. For public and non-sectarian education, there is University of Makati along Dr. Jose P. Rizal Extension.



Author: CS Gaerlan

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  1. Peter parsons says:

    Hi, Marcelle, very nice video. What amazed me was to recognize all those places and to recall that I have been to nearly everywhere in this country. Just not the Batanes. YET. Beautiful country. Better infrastructure would make its charms more accessible.

  2. Hi Marcelle,
    This is a good read.
    Do you also happen to have an info. on primary schools in Makati? My company is planning to relocate me there and I have a 7yo daughter.