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In Tagalog: Ano po ito? Ano po iyan?


Here are two pronouns that point out to objects that are either near or far.



Ano po ito? – What is this?

Ano po iyan? – What is that?



The word “iyan” as a pronoun for distant object(s). We add “mga” before the noun for two or more objects (plural form of noun). “Paru-paro” means “butterfly”.


Word Guide:

Ano – what

po – a word added in sentences to sound respectful

ito – this (an object that is nearby)

iyan – that (a far away object)


paru-paro – butterfly

mga – a word that precedes a noun for plural form

for example: mga paru-paro  ~ butterflies



“Ito” is a pronoun for objects that are near.

Say it correctly:

ano – (ah-noh) with intonation on the second syllable

po – (poh)

ito – (ee-toh) with intonation on the second syllable

iyan – (ee-yan) with intonation on the second syllable

paru-paro – (pah-roo-pah-roh) with intonation on the second syllable


Reminder: In Tagalog/Filipino language, vowels are always pronounced in their short form. For example, short “a” like in bat, cat, mat. Not long “a” like in Kate, rate, hate.







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