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Review: Top 10 Reasons Why “BPO” is More Fun in the Philippines – Part 3

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For the past few weeks, we had a countdown of the top 7 reasons why BPO is more fun in the Philippines. Our last 3 reasons are indeed the best in our list and most of you might agree with the humanitarian, geographical and environmental reasons.




8.      Building a Nation – BPO Outsourcing is a Certainty in the Philippines; Ensuring GDP Growth


The BPO industry helps build the nation by providing more jobs for Filipinos, encouraging investments, and contributing to the revenue of the country. Because of the rise of this industry, an XMG Global study identified it as currently the largest in the private sector providing about 610,000 direct BPO jobs in 2011 alone.


The Philippine government is open to foreign investment and facilitates globalisation. The country takes the initiative and recognizes the potential of the BPO industry growth as it helps the economy of the country. Thus, because of this initiative, the Government is currently developing a roadmap to further improve the industry by 2016.


If you notice, no matter how rich or poor Filipinos are, they manage to smile even for no reason at all. These results and future plans will put more smiles on any Filipino’s face.


9.      Best Place To Be Located In The Philippines


The Philippines has many economics zones housing BPO companies. There are about 248 locations established by Philippine Economic Zone Authority, which give opportunities for investments and locating business operations. Locations are strategically and widely-situated across the country; chosen for a combination of location (individual local governments have gotten involved, each touting the benefits of its respective location); labor and transportation availability; and costs. Current successes will ensure more of these economic zones will be developed. The government has responded to the changing needs of these economic zones, with a full range of infrastructure development. As required, airports, transportation links, and support have been modified or created from scratch. The involvement of local governments has bolstered the recognition that everyone benefits when these zones thrive.


However, note to investors and travelers. I think this is the only country in the world where nobody – family or friends – can enter an airport to say goodbye – unless they are also passengers. Perhaps it is to make room for the eight boxes one takes whenever Filipinos travel.


10.  Being Close To Nature – A 7,000 Island Paradise


Aside from the advantage that companies can locate their business activities pretty much anywhere in the country, these locations give access to some of the most desired tourist sites in the world. Employees have the best of both worlds; work opportunities far greater than those of the past (which far too often, involved leaving home and family to work abroad), and locations which each offer a wide variety of activities for leisure activity. The Philippines is a vacation destination all year round. Companies, which elect to establish their offices in these favorable locations are, in effect, living in paradise.


Imagine, over 7000 islands of tropical climate that keeps your skin ageless while you increase the value quotient of your company. And one more – and this is important because life is about happiness and sharing – where else would you find a country where anyone who is eating greets you with the words “Let’s eat!”



Author: Lauro Vives, XMG Global
Forewords by: Marcelle Villegas
Photo source:
Beautiful minimalist workstation – by Unsplash for Pixabay at https:/ /

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