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Travel Tips for a Fun Summer

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Summer is finally here! The customary trips to the beach, lazy days spent by the pool or any kind of adventure are the collective dreams we have in mind.




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Since the summer travel season is always a busy one, being prepared and organized will come in handy in planning your summer vacations and it doesn’t have to be a frustrating one!


We’ve taken all our best travel tips with the hope of equipping you some reminders on how to navigate summer travel planning better.


• Book your ticket(s) ahead of time. You’ll get the best deals at your desired date(s) if you book well in advance.


• Pack in an organized manner. This allows airport officers to easily check what’s inside your bag for a quick screening process.


• Pack items in layers. Shoes one layer, clothes one layer, electronics one layer, etc. Pack large electronics on the top layer of your carry-on for easy accessibility.


• New regulations (both local and international) limit the amount of gels and liquids passengers can take through security in their carry-on luggage. Each passenger is allowed to take one clear quart-sized sealable bag and fill it with as many liquids in 3.4 oz or less sized containers that will fit, while still being able to seal the bag.


• Make sure you take your 3-1-1 bag out of your carry-on prior to sending it through the X-ray or airport officers may have to search your bag.


What is 3-1-1? The 3-1-1 stands for 3 ounce bottle or less (by volume); 1 quart-sized, clear, plastic, zip-top bag and 1 bag per passenger placed in screening bin. One-quart bag per person limits the total liquid volume each traveller can bring, while 3 oz. container size is a security measure. This “3-1-1 for carry-ons” rule is for short trips.


This new regulation almost applies to all liquids, gels, and aerosols except for prescription medications and over-the-counter medicines, baby formulas, breast milk, and juice, and other liquid materials.


For more information: Luggage Guides


• Large quantities of liquids must be placed in checked baggage.


• If unsure if an item is prohibited or not, better put such items in your checked baggage or leave it at home.


• Pack light and know baggage limits. Some airlines offer baggage allowance from 15kgs up to 30kgs only. Anything in excess will have to be paid based on the airport’s baggage rates and fees depending on your destination.


• Check-in early. Long lines at check-in counters and security checkpoints can get on your nerves. Check-in time recommendations vary by airline and day of travel, so confirm with your air carrier. Remember to leave adequate time to check baggage and move through security. Worst case scenario is you’ll have some extra time to people watch or play Draw Something.


• Keep a close eye on all your belongings. Be aware of your surroundings and maintain a close watch over tickets, wallets, purses, and your other possessions at all times.


• Get Through the Process Hassle-Free. These will speed things up at security checkpoints.


• Check the contents of your pockets and carry-on baggage to ensure no prohibited items were packed.


• Make sure you remove everything from your pockets whether it’s metal or paper. Removing all of these items will prevent you from having to undergo additional screening after exiting the machine.


• Wear easily-removable shoes. For example, flip-flops or loafers would be easier to kick off than knee-high lace-up boots.


• Think before you speak. Aggressive behaviour, inappropriate jokes and threats will not be tolerated. They will result in delays and possibly missing flight departures.


• Have your valid ID and boarding pass out and ready to present to airport officer. If your ID is in a plastic sheath or other type of holder, it will need to be removed so airport officers can properly inspect them.


Tips for travel by car include:


• Plan itineraries and arrange accommodations well in advance. Reservations for hotels, restaurants and rental cars get booked quickly during peak travel times.


• Get a tune up. Before any long-distance drive, check if your car needs oil changed and your brakes, fluids and tire pressure checked. The slightest deficiency in tire air pressure significantly reduces your car’s gas mileage. On the other hand, too much air can result in a flat tire.


• Choose best time to travel. Travelling during late night or early morning hours helps. The worst times to travel are after meals since most travellers postpone leaving until they’ve eaten with their families. Make sure that all drivers are well-rested.


May it be chilling out in a city located on a mountain like Baguio, dancing ’til dawn on the beach of Boracay or walking along the busy streets of Manila, do not forget the most important thing — your zest for life and perpetual desire to experience things you haven’t tried before, discover new things and rediscover YOU!


Now we’re ready to face the summer heat or escape to somewhere cooler.


If you have other summer survival tips, please share them with us and drop us a line in the comment box below.


Happy summer! Cheers! ☆



Author: Jaycelle Playda






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