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Crisis Management in Digital Environment

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Last month on the 6th of June, Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) had a systems glitch which caused many depositors to panic that morning as they noticed double debits or double credits in their previous transactions. Some assumed their bank account was hacked. It was a good thing that still early that day, BPI gave a statement on TV news where they clarified that this was not a hacking incident but rather, a data processing glitch. Also that morning, BPI resorted to having their nationwide systems down in order to fix the mixed posting, thus to correct the double debits and double credits. As an effect though, depositors were unable to withdraw or check their bank account balance for the next few days.




Although this incident was corrected by the bank after a few days and much of their press releases gave assurance to depositors that such an incident should not cause anyone to panic, many people felt a prevailing apprehension about the future of digital banking. Do you think our dependence on technology will make us vulnerable to massive glitches that can cause great losses or a nationwide panic? After the BPI data processing glitch last month, do you have questions in mind about the future of digital banking?


To address these issues and more, on 11 July 2017, Tues., The Australian-New Zealand Chamber of Commerce Philippines, Inc. presents Mr. Jonas de los Reyes as the guest speaker for “Crisis Management in Digital Environment”.  Mr. De los Reyes is the Head of Digital at the Bank of the Philippine Islands. This event is part of the ANZCHAM Monthly Membership Meeting. Details are as follows.




About the Speaker

Mr. Jonas de los Reyes is a Digital Strategiest, Marketer and Tech Entrepreneur. He is the Head of Digital for the Bank of the Philippine Islands since November 2016. He is also a Subject Matter Expert for Digital Marketing Institute and the IIDM Certified Digital Marketer Program. In 2013, he co-founded Socialytics Inc., a start-up social media marketing firm that provides social media strategy development and implementation, social media monitoring and community management to various agencies and clients. He has a Masters Degree in Business Administration (M.B.A.) from De La Salle University. Mr. de los Reyes also graduated from the University of the Philippines with degree of B.A. Communication Research.


For more information about this event, please visit:



Author: Marcelle Villegas
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Poster – from ANZCHAM Philippines


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Cathy Yang on Market Edge, ANC –






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