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In Tagalog: Hapon

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One word with different intonations and different meanings  |


1. hapon – (common noun) afternoon

2. Hapon – (proper noun) Japan, or Japanese people



Japan has a big influence on Filipino culture with regards to arts, sports, cuisine, education, tradition, being industrious and love for nature.  A scene from the movie “Rurouni Kenshin”. (Photo courtesy of Warner Bros.)


Say it correctly:

1. hapon – (ha-pon) – afternoon ~ with intonation on the first syllable

2. Hapon – (ha-pon) – Japan, Japanese people ~ with intonation on the second syllable



Magandang hapon – good afternoon

  • magandang – (mah-gone-dang) no intonation


panahon ng Hapon – Japanese occupation period (in Philippine history), 1941-1945

  • panahon – (pah-nah-hon) – period – with intonation on the third syllable


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