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My View Of The Skating Subculture In The Philippines

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I used to be really into riding BMX back before I left England and I never really thought I’d continue doing it over here. Riding BMX was a great hobby during my teenage years. It kept me fit and in shape, despite some of the nasty injuries you can get from trying out new tricks. I came across a few skate spots and parks in my local area that I just fancied sharing to any skaters out there.



I’d have to say the skating scene doesn’t seem that big over here or at least in comparison to the one in England. On top of that, for a lot of the street skaters there aren’t that many places for them in the city. I’ve been to the Quezon Memorial Circle and the paths there are smooth and rideable with some good flat surfaces to grind on. But I wouldn’t just go grinding on anything here in the Philippines before double checking so no one will get angry. You have to remember that in England you’re probably going to be asked to move along. However, I don’t think they are going to be as hospitable to some alternatives grinding on their porch here. Then again in England you don’t get security guards on every corner, never mind inside parks.


I’ve stumbled across some skaters just making do by the side of the road next to busy highways and make shift grind poles. Ingenuity is great and all but a few well placed parks or better yet a skate park would be great and safe.


Anyway it turns out there are a few local skate parks. There’s a skate park that is located at Circuit Makati. I heard good things about this skate park and I think it’s worth checking out!



Skate and race at the Circuit Makati!


Here is a good shot of the Rainforest Skate Park in Pasig. This one is just in my vicinity.



Rainforest Skate Park, Pasig City


It’s a very open and spacious park, making it more appealing to BMX riders like myself rather than the skaters. And it’s only around the corner from my place.


Don’t get me wrong, the park in Rainforest isn’t well maintained so don’t expect too much when you get there, and for the record that’s just a heads up not a deterrent. Sadly, if you were looking for some wood work like half-pipes or even a good concrete bowl I don’t think they have one yet here in Manila, but who knows with the rise in skaters they might get one under way.


So basically there are a few options for skaters but you have to dig deep enough to find them. I was at a skate event not long ago at Fort Bonifacio, where they closed  the street off and set up a temporary skate park for a professional team that were coming into town. Great event and all it wasn’t that well advertised. I only found out about it through my other skater friends.



Author: Adam Tolliday 
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