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Hiring a Maid and Chauffeur in the Philippines


One of the benefits of expatriate life in the Philippines is being able to acquire luxuries like household help and chauffeurs that are too expensive in our home country.

Hiring household help here is very affordable. As a rough guide, you should expect to pay around P3000 per month for a maid and around P5000 for a nanny. This is exclusive of her basic necessities; it is customary in the Philippines that the employer will be the one to provide all these.

Household help usually manages all the chores at home like laundry, cooking and cleaning. You don’t have to worry about what you have to eat or wear the following day. It is convenient especially to expatriates who have a hectic schedule and lack the time to check up on all these tasks and expatriates who relocated here with their families. A maid or nanny is helpful during that period of transition where the family is getting accustomed to the culture of the host country. Part of the services that they offer are pieces of advise on local customs, paying your bills on time, doing the grocery and planning the menu. You can also leave your house/condominium under their care when you’re traveling out of town.

Before hiring a household help, it is necessary to brief them on the tasks they need to do, the output expected from them and the household rules. It would be better if you can create a daily or weekly schedule for them to help them become organized with their tasks. For example, grocery should be done twice a week or the trash should be taken out every Thursday. Eventually these will be a part of their routine.

Maids will often become a part of the family and it’s vital to make the right choice. Some of them, particularly the younger ones, may excessively use of the telephone and television for example. However, you should try to be understanding because they get homesick and most of them came from rural areas that lack the technological advancements of the city. Like regular employees, your household help are entitled to have a day off per week. This should be discussed before hiring them.

There are also risks and disadvantages that come with hiring household help. There is a possibility of theft if you don’t keep your valuables in a safe place. But don’t let this put you off as there are plenty of honest, hard working and loyal maids around.

Maids are easy enough to find. You could try advertising in the local supermarket of use a local agent.

It is good idea to have your staff examined by a doctor before committing to employing them. Typical tests will include parasites and a chest x-ray for tuberculosis and the employer absorbs the cost of the medical. It is also advisable to repeat the tests annually and it’s best done when they return from their annual leave.

It is important that your domestic staff be issued with ID from your gated community/apartment building and the security staff familiarised with them as security guards are often very vigilant.

Hiring a Chauffeur

Many expatriates choose to employ a driver in the Philippines. A local driver will know the rules of the road, have good local knowledge, can translate for you, absorb the stress of driving on congested roads, maintain your vehicle and keep it clean, even act as a kind of bodyguard.

Expect to pay around P7000 for a driver. It’s preferable to have the driver live with you so he will always be there to pick you up on time and if you choose a live in driver, make sure you give him separate quarters to give the maids some privacy.


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