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Hosting an Elderly Visitor in the Philippines

Hosting an Elderly Visitor in the Philippines




Having a parent or grandparent planning to visit you in the Philippines might raise questions about safety, access to healthcare, hospital insurance coverage, are their prescription medicines legal in the Philippines and available, transport limitations and accessibility to all that the Philippines has to offer visitors in general. 

Allergies in the Philippines

The season should be considered as dust and pollen in spring might be an issue for those with asthma or other breathing complaints. Air pollution and contaminants might be different to what your visitor is used to.

Hold the Travel Documents 

Depending on their age and presence of mind, your elderly companions might appreciate your safe-keeping of their passport during their stay. They will not be as aware of security considerations in the Philippines as are you. Losing a passport overseas be a real issue, taking time to resolve and unwelcome changes to travel plans – as well as the associated costs.  

Travel Insurance

Insurance for hospital and medial bills due to accident or other travel mishaps might be expensive or unavailable as age is a factor for insurance quotes. 




Take it slow.

You may want to show them everything and everywhere and maximize their trip, but when arranging your itinerary consider that they are likely to tire and need more rest stops when travelling.

Record the moments 

Photos and social media will allow your visitors to remember their visit. 


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