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Cherry blossoms in the Philippines


Cherry blossoms in the Philippines




Cherry blossoms are Japan’s national flower, known as “Sakura” in Japanese. These pale sprouts are the icon of spring – they signify to the Japanese renewal and hope.

The cherry blossom festival draws many tourists to Japan each year to enjoy the spectacle of these beautiful pale-pink blooms which are in their full glory toward the beginning of April. But, you might not need to book a flight to Japan or Korea anymore to get the chance to encounter the cherry bloom season, as the first Sakura or Cherry blooms can now be enjoyed in a cherry blossom park in Benguet, Philippines.

The park is a joint project between the Kochi Prefecture and Benguet province.  More than 30 cherry blossom trees, alongside other tree species from Japan were planted in Atok, Benguet to commemorate the 40th anniversary of ties between the Kochi prefecture and the Benguet territory. These trees will begin to bloom in 3 years. Around 100 additional trees were planted in November 2015.

Many suggested the climate of Philippines was too hot to support the delicate plants but the location at 2,000 meters elevation is cool enough. Atok is around a 3-hour drive from Baguio.


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