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Lian’s Crown Jewel – Matabungkay Beach


If you are looking for an ideal vacation spot for the weekend, you can never go wrong with Matabungkay Beach. It is a popular destination site for tourists, and with good reason.



Matabungkay Beach can be found in southwestern Batangas sandwiched between the towns of Nasugbu and Calatagan. It is Lian’s crown jewel, known all over Batangas as one of the best undeveloped beaches in the province.


Its proximity to Manila (120 kilometers away, or just three hours of driving) is one of the reasons why it has been a popular destination for daytrippers since the 1950s. Aside from its white sandy beach, long coastline and gentle waves, its other main attraction has been its no-entrance-fee policy. One can bring as many guests as one desires and they could practically pitch a tent along the beach and enjoy its simple pleasures—without paying anything.


However, as the heavy influx of tourists had increased over the years, the environmental impact has become quite noticeable, prompting the local government to enforce an environmental fee for tourists to help fund its regular clean-up activities.


There are many resorts that dot the 2-kilometer-long coastline. Most on the left side are privately-owned resorts while the rest are commercial ones. Of those offering rooms and cottages for rent, the best-known and most reasonably priced are CORAL BEACH RESORT  and VILLA OSTERREICH. These two are owned and operated by foreign expatriates who has decided to stay in the Philippines for good. They offer security, good food and an island vibe that is enchanting.


If you are looking for a hotel resort experience, however, Matabungkay Beach Hotel is the one for you. Aside from the usual hotel amenities, its recreational ones include outdoor tennis courts, an outdoor pool, basketball, beach volleyball, kayaking, scuba diving, banana boat and jetski.


During summer months, the beach plays host to thousands of tourists and beachcombers. A new local initiative, Balsa Festival, has added color to the festivities. The fiesta-like atmosphere is evident in the colorfully garbed balsas (bamboo-rattan floating cottages), booming music from everywhere, and the feel-good, carefree attitude of the locals. Good memories await you in Matabungkay!


How to get to Matabungkay: If driving, from SLEX, take Sta Rosa Exit, Silang-Tagaytay Highway, and continue until you reach the Batangas-Cavite border. Turn right onto the road under the Nasugbu arc until you reach Shell gas station, turn left towards the direction of Lian and Calatagan. Watch out for a Matabungkay signage on your right hand side.

If taking public transportation, take a van (shuttle) or bus going to Calatagan or Lian at EDSA-Taft (near Pasay Rotonda and Metropoint Mall). Simply tell the driver/conductor to drop you off at the junction to Matabungkay. From there, take a tricycle.


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