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New Years Beliefs and Tradition in the Philippines


Through the years, people in different countries do practice variations of beliefs and traditions that portrays their rich culture. As we welcome a new year in our lives, people do follow these beliefs in order to have a better year ahead. Like here in the Philippines, Filipinos do have some traditions or beliefs that we always apply before the year ends. In addition, some of these beliefs will be inspired by the Chinese tradition. We all know that Chinese do express and give importance to their new year traditions by giving an exaggeration doing their colorful and historical traditions that we also captivated by us Filipinos.

Here are some of the traditions that we follow in every year end celebration:



Making as much noise as you can- We do believe that making noises will drive away evil spirits in our home and life. These noises can be made by striking different materials like cooking materials and so on.



Fireworks display- We Filipinos do love to celebrate occasions in a festive and colorful way. As we adapted this from the Chinese, this is also a way of driving away evil spirits and welcoming the new year in a lighter way. We wanted to celebrate the year end by coloring the sky with different and amusing fireworks to be seen.
Paying off debts before the year ends- Settling your debts before the year ends is a must for Filipinos for those financial suits not to be carried over the following year.

Wearing polka dots- In this belief, people do wear polka dots to attract more financial earnings for the coming year.

Putting up coins everywhere in the house- Displaying coins in every part of the home to attract abundance and to be more prosperous for the coming year. Coins can be seen in the staircase, drawers and even tables.

Cleaning of respective homes- We do believe that cleaning our home before the year ends will attract harmony and well-order for the family within the upcoming year.

Preparing 12 round fruits in the table- The fruits being displayed in the table will be a representation of twelve months in a year.



Eating sticky food- Eating sticky delicacies like rice cakes were to bring fortune in the upcoming year.
Eating noodles- From the Chinese belief, eating noodles represents longevity or having a long life.


Do not prepare a dish associated with Chicken or Fish- Filipinos believe that Chicken or Fish represents scarcity of resources especially food. There’s also a belief that chicken’s eating habits (isang kahig, isang tuka) can be translated within the upcoming year.


“As Filipinos, we are not afraid of following our beliefs.
We always tend to stick with the traditions or being faithful from what we grew up with in order to preserve the value of our growing culture.
Filipinos are not afraid to showcase these colorful and meaningful traditions to others to experience.
We give value, respect and honor for everything related with our special heritage.”


Author: Expatch Editorial Team

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