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The thrill of motor riding from Home to Work place.


In some Employees, may it be local or expat, convenience of getting to the most populated financial working area in the Philippines is probably one of the first things that you need to consider.

Makati City, is the central Financial District of Metro Manila, and this is where most of the local and expat professionals works. Since it is considered as central then yes the traffic gets crazily-insane when you leave home after 5am. Yes! As early as 5 am, well I do wake up earlier than that though and leave the house at 4am just to catch the bus for an hour and half trip to reached the Office in Makati City on or before 6am PHT. Whew! Yeah, you may be surprise of the journey time but I am quite a traveler myself so for me this is normal.


But for some brave souls, instead of commuting they prefer to ride a motorbike and be thrilled in the crazy traffic at EDSA or Epifanio de los Santos Avenue and the long route going to work. Below is the breathtaking video of a colleague, sharing his exciting biking experience from home to the office.




Ninja 250cc Black-Kawasaki

The 4.41 minutes video shows the origin from Malolos, Bulacan to Ayala Avenue, Makati City ranging speed from 90 kph to 100 kph. The rider can also achieve to make through the traffic by reaching Makati City in 30 mins given that there is no hindrance and normal traffic on the road, to site an example is when major events happens in Metro Manila, where traffic flow is controlled in major roads and highways, but on standard travel time you will probably reached around 45 minutes to maximum of 60 minutes.


So if your adrenaline cells are ignited, you may want to get yourself suited up like an Anime “The Super Sentai Series” fighting squadron for a motorbike but first you have to start saving up on your first few months of salary to be able to buy one of the super motorbikes that are really-enjoyably fun driving around. Of course, safety-first, you need to know the basic do’s and dont’s on driving on a free highway and able to read road sign very well, helmets and body armours are a-MUST so that you will not get injured in case of crash and accidents. Also you need to know your limits in terms of speed and how much pressure and acceleration you can take on each ride.


Remember, you are not only trying to protect yourself from getting hit but you are also trying to be careful not to hurt anybody on your ride.

So, whenever you are ready. Suit up, gear up, and get ready to drive yourself on an early thrilling ride to your workplaces!



Author: Expatch Editorial Team

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