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In Tagalog: Sili, maanghang, and more!


Spice up your life and try some local cuisine in the Philippines like the spicy dishes from Bicol Region. Red and green chilies are often mixed with coconut milk to add a delicious flavour to meat dishes.





sili – (noun) chili peppers

maanghang – (adjective) spicy

pula – (adjective) red

berde – (adjective) green


Say it correctly:

sili – (see-lee) with intonation on the first syllable

maanghang – (mah-ang-hung) with intonation on the second syllable

pula – (puh-luh) with intonation on first syllable

berde – (bear-deh) with intonation on the first syllable



Reminder: In Tagalog/Filipino language, vowels are always pronounced in their short form. For example, short “a” like in bat, cat, mat. Not long “a” like in Kate, rate, hate.






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