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Expat Residential Option: Why Some Expats Prefer to Live in Makati


Among the most practical ways of avoiding traffic in Metro Manila is to live in Makati. One would see most people heading towards...

Expat Tips: Minimising Stress When Living Overseas

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Travellers often joke about small grievances, the inevitable problems that arise during travelling and other minor issues as...

Money Review: Getting a Bank Account in the Philippines

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Last week, we featured the characteristics of the local banks and more tips about Banking in the Philippines. This time,...

Emigration Day in Manila – 11 Feb. 2017

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Center for International Experience and Personal Development invites everyone on 11 Feb. 2017 for Emigration Day. Here is their...

The Expat Blues – Part 1


New adventures await when you sign up to move overseas, but sometimes once reality sets in, the new adventure no longer seems so...

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