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Make a Stand for Comedy – International Comedy Festival 2015 in Manila



It takes a lot of wit, courage and talent to be a successful stand-up comedian. In Manila, comedy events in bars are increasingly popular as people come not only to drink and socialise with friends but also to unwind with the best medicine – laughter.

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In the Philippines, a group of stand-up comedians called “Comedy Manila – The Pinoy Stand-up Revolution” promotes the craft and helps the pros and amateurs in the industry to hone and show their skills. This month, Magners, together with the Philippines’ Tourism Board and Comedy Manila join together to delight audiences with several days of laughter at the International Comedy Festival. The festival started in Hong Kong, then will travel this week in Manila and then to Singapore on the following week.


Comedians from USA, UK, Ireland, India, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong will participate along with the Filipino comedians on 16th March in Cebu and 17-18th March in Manila with the following venues:




Full show schedule:




Comedy Manila – The Pinoy Stand-up Revolution

Phone: 0926-525-JOKE (5653)

Website: http://www/



Author: Marcelle Villegas 


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