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Understanding the Value of Freedom in Manila – September 2015


About “Unsurrendered 2” – A WW2 Documentary, Premieres This September 2015



On 26 December 1941, Manila was declared an “Open City”. All newspapers published the text of the proclamation and radio stations broadcast the news through the day. A huge banner bearing the words “Open City” and “No Shooting” was strung across the front of the city hall. That night the blackout ended and Manila was ablaze with lights. (Photo and caption from Center of Military History, United States Army)


“It has been 70 years since the war ended and our World War II heroes are slowly fading away. We may be the last generation to be able to talk to them face-to-face. So if you had the chance to talk to them right now, what would you say to them?”
(Bani Logroño, director of the WWII documentary “Unsurrendered 2”,
premieres in September 2015)



Historical education is important to promote to the young people today in order to keep the memory of war alive and raise awareness for all that the horrors of war should be prevented from happening again. Knowing about history teaches everyone about the importance and value of the freedom that we have today.


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For most people, Manila is their home, a place to work, or a place to enjoy local cuisine, tourism and entertainment. Did you know that 70 years ago, much of the City of Manila was destroyed in a battle fought by Filipinos and the Allied Forces? With the effort to liberate the Philippines from the Japanese, this battle cost the lives of over 100,000 Filipino civilians, 16,000 Japanese troops and 1,000 Americans.


This particular battle during World War II is notable for the relentless resistance of the Filipinos and American soldiers against the Japanese which delayed the Japanese from progressing towards Australia and India. Most importantly, the great sacrifice in expelling the Japanese out of Manila in 1945 led to their defeat and shortened the war.


But a few years before the Liberation of Manila, darkness fell and so many atrocities happened in the Philippines. Particularly in Manila, on 28 December 1941, the city was declared an “Open City” as a means to protect the city’s historic landmarks and to protect the civilians. When a city is declared an “Open City”, it means the nation that controls the city have abandoned all defensive efforts. With this comes with the agreement with the opposing military that they should not bomb or attack the city. However, in Manila, this scenario did not happen despite being an “Open City”.


This is where our story begins…

“Unsurrendered 2: The Hunters ROTC Guerrillas” is a World War II documentary film directed by Bani Logroño for Spyron AV Manila. The movie is brought to us by Philippine Veterans Bank and A Peter Parsons-Lucky Guillermo Presentation. This movie will have its premiere this September 2015!




The film is about the young Filipinos who joined the Hunters ROTC Guerrillas with a conviction to bring justice and to stand up against the oppression from the Japanese forces during their occupation of the Philippines in WW II. This is one of the untold parts of Philippine history, but with such heroism, valor and epic victory, the story is too great to be kept untold.



Unsurrendered 2: The Hunters ROTC Guerrillas Teaser (Official) | Filipino World War II Movie



What is “Guerrilla Warfare”? How is that related with Filipino culture?
Here is a feature by Professor Bernard Karganilla of University of the Philippines to explain further what it means to be a guerrilla during World War II in the Philippines.



Spyron AV Manila is an organisation that pays tribute to the heroes of World War II and reveals much of the untold stories of the war here in the Philippines from soldiers or civilians who survived the war. Spyron AV Manila promotes Philippine history through book publications, creation of film documentaries, contests, interviews and other events. Their goal is not only to pay tribute to war heroes and war veterans but to also educate and inform today’s generation about the value of the freedom that we now enjoy. Here is a video from director Bani Logroño and friends from Spyron AV Manila during their “Manila 1945” book and film launching last 6 June 2015.


Manila 1945: The Rest of the Story – Kickstarter Update



Manila 1945 Fully Booked Screening and Conference



Historical awareness is a stepping stone to solving our nation’s biggest problems! Here’s a recap of last film screening and conference for “Manila 1945: The Rest of the Story”



For the generation that was fortunate to be born decades after WW II, this is your chance to look back and reflect on the life that your parents and grandparents had. Let us pay tribute to their generation who worked hard to provide us with a good future and freedom that we are now experiencing.


“Learn a little about your past, and you may end up with a pretty nice future”
~ by Martin Luther King, Jr.



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Author: Marcelle Villegas 
Top photo – Manila an Open City in 1941 – from Center of Military History, United States Army –
All photos and videos from Spyron AV Manila –


Special thanks to Professor Bernard Karganilla of University of the Philippines

and Director Bani Logroño of Spyron AV Manila.







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