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New Filipino World War II Documentary “Unsurrendered 2” Premiered at the Ayala Museum


In a world where responsibility and courage are needed more than ever before, “Unsurrendered 2” challenges the youth of today to rise to the occasion, as did our WWII heroes.


MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Spyron•AV Manila through the sponsorship of Philippine Veterans Bank premiered their latest documentary film: “Unsurrendered 2: The Hunters ROTC Guerrillas” last Monday, 21 September 2015, at the Ayala Museum, Makati City.


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This new World War II documentary tells the story of disbanded ROTC college students who independently organized one of the earliest guerrilla resistance groups in the Philippines, stole firearms from under the noses of the Japanese and put the fate of the country into their own hands.




Young director Bani Logroño retells the legendary exploits of the Hunters through riveting interviews with veterans, historians, and descendants of the guerrillas: Jerry Adevoso, Prof. Bernard Karganilla, Col. Frisco San Juan, Col. Emmanuel De Ocampo, Dr. Rico Jose, Xiao Chua, among many others, with voice narration provided by Roberto F. De Ocampo, OBE, chairman of Philippine Veterans Bank.


A Peter Parsons-Lucky Guillermo presentation, this film was produced by Mai Guillermo through the sponsorship of Philippine Veterans Bank and Forerunner Technologies Inc. with the support of the Veterans Federation of the Philippines and the Sons and Daughters of Hunters ROTC.


During the gala premiere, invocation was led by Dr. Ernesto Lopez Sacro; welcoming remarks were made by Miguel Angelo Villa-Real; Roberto F. De Ocampo, OBE, Chairman of Philippine Veterans Bank, delivered a special message, followed by Executive Producer Lucky Guillermo; with an introduction to the film by Bani Logroño, the film director. The distinguished guests included The Ambassador of Taiwan Gary Lin, Architect Felino Palafox Jr., among others.




In a world where responsibility and courage are needed more than ever before, “Unsurrendered 2” challenges the youth of today to rise to the occasion, as did our WWII heroes. Order the DVD today through Spyron-AV Manila’s Facebook fan page or e-mailing with the subject line “Unsurrendered DVD”.


Message from the Chairman • Unsurrendered 2: The Hunters ROTC …“Life is valuable if it is lived for others, but it becomes even more valuable if it is died for others.”PVB Chairman Roberto F. de Ocampo, OBE, shares a message to the youth about the importance of the story of the Hunters ROTC Guerrillas.Own the movie today!DVD ORDER FORM: TEASER: DAY TEASER: Peter Parsons-Lucky Guillermo Presentation, sponsored by Philippine Veterans Bank and Forerunner Technologies Inc. A Bani Logroño Film.

Posted by Spyron-AV Manila on Monday, September 21, 2015


For more information or media inquiries, please contact Mai Guillermo at (0917) 934 8800 and or Lucky Guillermo at (0917) 892 2209 and


Unsurrendered 2: The Hunters ROTC Guerrillas teaser


About Spyron-AV Manila



Spyron•AV Manila is a film production company advocating the education of Philippine World War II history to the younger generation. In a time where the Philippines’ national identity can be obscure and confusing, Spyron•AV Manila invites the youth of today to rediscover patriotism and nationalism by looking into how these World War II ancestors expressed these key values. Spyron•AV Manila’s documentaries have been shown to students in over 50 schools and universities all over the Philippines.




Spyron•AV Manila began its advocacy for World War II historical awareness and the production of its documentary films and books in 2002. The head production office is located in the offices of AV Manila, at 80 Azure St., SSS Village, Marikina City, Philippines 1811.


AV Manila is the parent company of Spyron•AV Manila. AV Manila is a team of cinematic storytellers driven by a deep desire to create life-changing, world-shaping and future-building work.




Spyron•AV Manila is a partnership between two scions of legendary heroes of World War II in the Philippines: Peter Parsons, former Yale University professor, and Lucky Guillermo, Managing Director of AV Manila. Together they have produced eight World War II documentary films and five coffee-table books for the past 12 years.


The award-winning production company has been in the business of multimedia since 1982 as InterFormat-AV Manila. Today, AV Manila is managed by a team of young filmmakers and seasoned practitioners with a total of thirty-nine years of experience in the film industry, supported by the mainstream media, the independent film community, and a host of business organizations with the same goals: to shape the world a build a bright future.





  • Secret War in the Pacific (2002)

  • Voyage of Goodwill: The Stingray Story (2003)

  • Manila 1945: The Forgotten Atrocities (2007) – Best Documentary MBIFF

  • Anchored in Freedom, Enshrined in Friendship (2007)

  • Ships from Hell (2008)

  • Unsurrendered: 100 Voices (2009)

  • Corregidor: The Road Back (2013)

  • Manila 1945: The Rest of the Story (2015) – Award of Rec. IndieFEST


Frequently Asked Question

Q: Where can audiences expect to see the film?

A: As our primary mission is to advocate Philippine World War II education, “Unsurrendered 2: The Hunters ROTC Guerrillas” will primarily be screened in various schools, universities, museums and historical events throughout the country. See the official Spyron•AV Manila Facebook page ( for the roadshow schedule.


The documentary, along with extra footage and bonus content, can also be owned through the purchase of the DVD, which can be obtained directly from Spyron•AV Manila through e-mail inquiry (


Further distribution outlets of the film will be announced on the Spyron•AV Manila Facebook page in the future.


Q: How long did the production of the documentary take?

A: The production of the film began on June 2015 until September 2015. The first months of production was spent interviewing the veterans, the sons & daughters of the Hunters, as well as the historians and experts. At the same time, research on the subject was conducted through an extensive collection of books concerning the World War II guerrilla group, including “Terry’s Hunters” by Proculo M. Mojica, and “In Search of Heroes: The Life and Times of Frisco San Juan Sr.”, both of whom appear in the film, as well as in the Veterans Museum in Taguig. The last two months was spent in post-production and reshoots. The film is sponsored and funded by the Philippine Veterans Bank.


Q: How was the historical footage of the documentary obtained?

A: Because of Spyron•AV Manila’s long record of historical World War II documentaries, the production company already has at its disposal a large collection of World War II historical footage, which was originally obtained for the previous films.


Q: Where can I learn more about Philippine World War II Guerrillas?

A: Visit the Spyron•AV Manila Facebook page for bonus clips and extra content. If you or a family member has their own World War II story that they would like to be known, please don’t hesitate to share it with us and we will help you do so.







Screenshots from the film with living Hunters ROTC Guerrillas Veterans Frisco San Juan and Emmanuel De Ocampo




Text from the press release of: Spyron-AV Manila 
Posted by: Marcelle Villegas 


Content and Photo source:

Courtesy of director Bani Logroño and Spyron AV Manila


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