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Sunny Sonny Story: Making The “Right To Light” A Reality



In the Philippines alone, around 16M families have no access to electricity. With the absence of a steady energy source, these families perform their everyday duties like cooking, tending to the kids, doing their homework, and even going through their daily work routine with difficulty.



The Sunny Story Lantern, designed for function, safety and durability despite harsh weather conditions. This product is intended to provide light to millions of families in the Philippines who have no source of electricity.


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With the recent typhoons and storms visiting the Philippines, efforts from agencies, cities, and even private organizations on disaster preparedness have doubled. Through commercial and government campaigns, families, schools, and communities are informed, instructed, and guided. Sunny Sonny Story addresses both concerns by providing a sustainable light source…



In their travels across the Philippines, two expats from Italy, Luca and Sergio, were saddened to see the widespread poverty in the country despite the rich natural and human resources of the country. They always harbored a deep desire to do their part in somehow giving hope to the hopeless. A turning point came when the strongest typhoon ever recorded hit the Philippines. They both saw how, in the aftermath of a climate disaster, the availability of light meant the difference between life and death, hope and hopelessness. This eureka moment spawned the idea of a cheap, renewable source of light useful in such disaster situations.


This is how the Sunny Sonny Story came to light.



Who is Sonny? This is the “Sunny Sonny Story”: A chance encounter between a relief worker and a young boy, orphaned in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan, is the inspiration behind what we do. This is Sonny. Sonny lost his family during the onslaught of Typhoon Haiyan. Like many survivors of the strongest typhoon ever recorded, Sonny was weary, lost and distraught. In the aftermath of the storm, Sonny roamed the stricken town in search of provisions. The darkness, and the tears in his eyes, made every step almost painful. But he kept on walking among the ruins of his former village. Sonny came upon some boxes and inside, found some lanterns. Feeling the darkness around him, Sonny lit one of the lanterns. There, amidst the remains of disaster, a boy sat brooding. Holding the light. Sonny stared into its brightness, feeling its warmth….its promise. Then he wiped his tears away. Sonny chose hope.


This humble project aims to nurture hope in the hearts of many Filipino communities who live without electricity by providing solar-powered inflatable lanterns that can help them in their day-to-day lives. The solar lanterns also addresses the country’s need to develop better disaster preparedness and climate resilience.


With this simple initiative of providing sustainable light, we hope to foster greater community well-being and resilience, bringing them closer to their dreams of a brighter future.



The Sunny Sonny Lanter ~ Visit to know more.


Sunny Sonny Lantern

A Sunny Sonny Lantern is a safe, clean and virtually cost-less alternative to candles or kerosene lamps. The solar-powered, inflatable lantern is designed around a waterproof PVC enclosure, which makes for a dependable and renewable source of light. While this is certainly useful for communities without access to electricity, Sunny Sonny lanterns can also be used for outdoor activities, power outages and travel emergencies.


Product specifications:

Material: Frosted waterproof PVC enclosure

Dimensions: 95mm(D) x 90mm(H)  |  Solar panel dimensions: 3.15in x 3.15in


Solar panel specifications: 5V/120mah

  • Rated watts: 0.6 W
  • Battery: Built-in lithium polymer battery
  • Weight: only 105g in weight
  • Lighting:
    • 2 brightness and 1 flash mode for search and rescue
    • Delivers up to 80 lumens providing 15 sq. ft. of light, 10 white Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)
    • 8 hours full charge time
    • Minimum 6-12 hours of light from full charge
    • Charges in direct sunlight
    • Retains 50% of charge for 2 years if inactive
    • Rechargeable lithium polymer battery – 300 to 500 cycle life
    • Independent lighting source does not require electricity.


This is how you can bring light and hope to others…


Adopt-A-Light Campaign


Every lantern that is purchased makes a community brighter and better.


A percentage from each sale goes into this campaign. Whenever you purchase a Sunny Sonny Lantern, you are sharing the gift of light to many other communities living without access to electricity and are most vulnerable to climate disasters.


Step 1 – Adopting A Light

Adopt a Sunny Sonny Story Inflatable Solar Lantern Today!




Step 2 – Nominate a Community


Together with the support and assistance from our partners, friends and colleagues, we have prepared a list of communities around the Philippines where electricity is not available. Help Sonny in his journey by nominating a community you would like your lantern to go to.


Step 3 – Share your story.


Whether you adopted a lantern for a community or for your home, do share your story with us to enlighten, inspire, and make others aware of how a clean, safe and sustainable lantern can change lives. Go ahead! We would love to hear from you!




Please visit our Facebook page.


Our Team

With other kindred spirits who have shared our vision, our personal commitment to this project is as steadfast as its first day of conception. We believe that reaching communities without access to adequate light is an imperative. With your help and cooperation, we can can make the Right to Light a reality for these communities.


From the Sunny Sonny Story Team


Meet our First Light Bearers!




Luca Vezzaro is an Italian national who, after years of living in the Philippines, developed a heart that is purely Filipino. He arrived in the Philippines in 1997, where he has been residing since then. With a Ph.D. in Foreign Trade, a broad expertise in the fields of Manufacturing and Strategic and Operative Marketing and countless opportunities to travel the world, he stayed on and was captivated with Filipino culture and tradition. Currently acting as the Vice President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines, Luca continuously works on projects that strengthen both countries’ ties.




Sergio Boero is a premier professional in the fields of Business Development, Marketing and Communication, Brand Strategy, and Design Management.


His impeccable leadership skills have gained record-breaking revenues and profit gains for start-ups and expanding businesses. Backed up with his vision, direction, innovative and tactical problem-solving prowess, and his incessant focus on the bottom-line, Sergio surely is a formidable partner in these competitive fields.


Sergio is also the President for the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines, an avid follower for indigenous textiles and materials, and keen and innovative designer.




Contact details:
Phone: (+63) 936.925.0481 |  (+63) 919.807.0003



Media release by: Luca Vezzaro and Sergio Boero
Posted by: Marcelle Villegas

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