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In Tagalog: Bayarin, Bayaran

  1. Bayarin – (noun) bills, payables
  2. Bayaran – (verb) to pay


Some Tagalog words tend to be confusing for beginners due to the close spelling. The words bayarin and bayaran, for example, have only one letter difference, but their meanings or word usage are totally different. Bayarin is a noun while bayaran is a verb.



  1. Bayarin – (bah-yah-reen) with intonation on the third syllable
  2. Bayaran – (bah-yah-ran) with intonation on the second syllable

Note: All vowels in Tagalog or Filipino language are pronounced using short vowel sound. Example, all vowel “a” in bayarin and bayaran uses short a sound like in cat, mat and bat.








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