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PH Government Procedures and Forms

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Living in a new country often requires one to know many government procedures about this new home country. To help you become knowledgeable about the Philippine government’s rules, laws, announcements, and other essential things for your business or work, the “Official Gazette” website of the Philippine government is a one-stop information source.


The Official Gazette is the official journal of the Republic of the Philippines. Website:





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To know more about the PH government services for citizens, businesses and non-residents, go to this page:


This particular page enumerates all the rules, requirements and forms that you can download for whatever application or process that you need. Topics covered range from Passport, Benefits for Senior Citizens, Persons With Disability ID, Driver’s License rules and forms, Tourism information portal, Non-immigrant visa application, migrating to the Philippines, retiring in the Philippines, adoption for foreign nationals, and more. How does it work? And how does it work for you? Find out more by visiting


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For visa processing and all your visa concerns, MultiRational Corporation is here to help you.


MultiRational is a 100% Australian owned and operated leader in the development of multidisciplinary professional services in the Philippines, with a 10-year pedigree of successful service delivery to Australian businesses seeking competitive advantage when expanding their businesses into new markets, new service sets or needing to become more internationally competitive.


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One of the expertise of MultiRational is their visa processing service called VisaPro – a program that our visa officers use to update the status of the visas that they are processing, enabling clients to see the current progress of their applications. This program is updated every day to ensure efficiency and transparency. This program provides no hassle, easy to use system where clients may get the information they need from the company’s visa officers. Contact us now and know more about VisaPro .


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  1. Swety Ruthar says:

    I’m an Indian doing mbbs in davao. I lost my passport and it has the student visa 9F which is going to expire in 2 months. I have applied for a new passport and the embassy told me that it will take around one month to get new passport. So now my question is after get the new passport do I need to get my visa restamped or its okk to renew my visa without restamping and get stamped of new visa? Can you please explain me???

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