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Expat Story: Austen Chamberlain of AmCham and Carepak Moving & Storage


For most Americans, the Philippines is an ideal place to live and to start up a company due to various reasons like the English proficiency level of the country’s population. There is also a long history of diplomatic relations and cooperation for over a century between USA and the Philippines. This adds to the deep bond between the two countries. Generally, the Fil-AM friendship is a valued legacy by both nationalities and most Americans discover more things about the Philippines that lead them to consider this country as their new home.


Mr. Austen Chamberlain is an American expat who arrived here in the Philippines 15 years ago. He is the President and CEO of Carepak Moving & Storage since April of 2003. This is an international moving company that is known for having a modern, well-equipped primary facility, located near Makati City.



(Top right – clockwise) Sailing in Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro | “Austen Chamberlain, skipper of Team Sorcerer Racing, receives the 1st place Vasco’s Cup trophy from race sponsor Brain Homan, at Vasco’s Bar & Grill on 16th November. The trophy is a fine piece of Chinese porcelain (circa early 1600), from Brian’s private collection, recovered from a wreck off Marinduque Island; the piece is registered with the National Museum. The Vasco’s Cup race was Sorcerer’s first outing after having the new, hi-tech coating (Shield) applied to her hull. Photo left to right: Austen Chamberlain, Brian Homan and Dirk van Straalen (race director)” (photos and captions from Facebook page of Team Sorcerer Yacht Racing, posted 17 Nov. 2013)


He served as the President of American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (AmCham) from 2008 – 2011. He has a degree in Business Management from the University of Maryland.


Last year, Mr. Austen started being a contributor on Expatch and he wrote an informative article about relocating pets. This time, he shares with us his story about life here in the Philippines. He talks about his career in the American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines, his yacht racing team, and his company which is a leader in International Moving, Storage and Relocation Services.


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Marcelle: Good day, sir. Thank you for the opportunity to interview you. To start with, how long have you been living here in the Philippines?
Mr. Austen: 15 years


Marcelle: How do find the Philippines so far?
Mr. Austen: It’s great except for labor laws and government overregulation.    


Marcelle: What was your reason for travelling here to the Philippines?
Mr. Austen: Work


Marcelle: In general, what do you like most about the Philippines and why?
Mr. Austen: Lifestyle, sailing, low cost of living, people, the diversity of the expat community, proximity to the rest of Asia Pacific and the geography. Got to love 7,100 islands! International School Manila—one of the best, both my children graduated from ISM and have gone on to do wonderful things.


Marcelle:  It’s great to hear about how ISM has made quite an impression. On the other side of the story, is there anything that you dislike about the Philippines and why?
Mr. Austen: Red tape and labor laws. Traffic…not so much fun.


Marcelle: Based on the past 15 years of staying here in the Philippines, could you share with us your own views about working with Filipinos?
Mr. Austen: Great. Supportive, loyal, hardworking and always smiling.


Marcelle: Is there a place in the Philippines that you particularly like the most and why?
Mr. Austen: Puerto Galera. Great sailing, diving and community. Antonio’s in Tagaytay…one of the best atmospheres of any restaurant worldwide.


Marcelle: Tell us more about your current projects here in the Philippines, your goals and mission and other things that you want to share with our readers.

Mr. Austen: We specialize in international relocations, moving, warehousing, distribution in the Philippines and Micronesia. We serve the Corporate, NGO, Diplomatic, and private markets.


Carepak is a leader in the International Moving, Storage, and Relocation Service industries in the Philippines and Micronesia. I invested in the company and am now the primary owner. Since investing, we have grown two fold in 7 years with increased market share, and a diversified revenue base. We are members of the Harmony Relocation Network. Harmony is a global network of locally owned relocation companies, upholding strong family values through generations of heritage. We are a network of committed partners, brought together in one truly global and solid infrastructure with cutting edge technology, an ISO-tested quality system and leading sustainability criteria. The Harmony network (founded in 1992) consists of over 140 members in 60 countries, serving 180 countries across six continents, providing the same level of high quality services, local expertise and personal commitment. All our members are co-owners of Harmony Relocation Network. (


I am Skipper and CEO of Team Sorcerer Yacht Racing. We have a page on Facebook at This is a champion yacht racing team in the Philippines composed of multinational team members.


I’ve lived and worked in over 10 countries and the Philippines is clearly near the top of the list.


Marcelle: That’s great! Thank you for sharing the story behind Carepak and Team Sorcerer Yacht Racing. In summary, how would you describe your overall experience in living and working here in the Philippines for the past 15 years?


Mr. Austen: The Philippines has been good to me. I’ve had the opportunity to be the President of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines, which was a rewarding experience in how, who and what makes this economy/country run, diplomacy, how foreign aid and CSR are critical success factors, and the special relationship the Americans have with the Filipino people—it is very deep and there is a long history that I believe has been beneficial to both peoples.


Marcelle: Thank you very much, Mr. Austen, for sharing with us your story about life here in the Philippines.

Mr. Austen: You’re welcome. Thank you for this interview.


— End of Interview —



Carepak Moving & Storage

Address: 43 Sta. Ana Drive Sun Valley, Parañaque City, NCR, Philippines
Phone: +63 2 809-8508



Interviewer: Marcelle Villegas
Photo source:
Mr. Austen Chamberlain –


Special thanks to Mr. Austen Chamberlain for sharing your story with us.
Yacht Racing –








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