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Annual Reporting Requirement by All Foreigners Holding an ACR I-Card


Foreigners who are actually residents in the Philippines during January and February of the year and who are in possession of an ACR I-Card, regardless of the Visa that they are holding, are required to register their continuing residency any day Monday through Saturday, with the Bureau of Immigration between January and the end of February.




Whilst foreigners are permitted to contract the process out to accredited Service Providers, they they may elect to make a PERSONAL APPEARANCE together with any dependents over the age of 14 years, at the Bureau of Immigration in either BUENDIA OR INTRAMUROS. bringing their passports and I-Cards.


IF THE FOUR-PAGE BUREAU DATA RECORD HAS BEEN COMPLETED in the past, there is no need to update but if not yet submitted, it may either be completed online in advance or an accredited service provider can assist.

Samples of various registration forms are attached below.


Bureau of Immigration – Forms

or the specific forms:

Application form for ACR I-Card

Application Form for ACR I-Card Renewal – Immigration Boarding Formalities


Holders of Special Resident Retiree Visa Cards issued by the Philippine Retirement Authority, are not required to register with the Bureau OR TO FILE AN ANNUAL REPORT because their cards are replaced ANNUALLY by the PRA to whom an annual fee is payable instead.


To speed up  the process, the Bureau have set up a special “fast track” line at their Main Office in Intramuros and are allowing the four pager to be completed at the time of report.


This is not recommended. There is always a question or two that one has to go home to check out.


For those in Makati and the south, registration is also allowed at the Bureau office in the BOI building in Buendia.   In the past however, there have been numerous cases where this sub-office of the Bureau have been unable to verify that the applicant has actually paid the previous year’s report filing fee and demanded in consequence a penalty of 200 pesos per “deemed” delinquent month.


While any such issues can often been sorted out by a visit to the Main Office in Intramuros, it is strongly recommended that people planning to report in the Buendia office, should take the precaution of taking with them a copy of the receipt for payment of the 2016 fee because registration is not reflected in the passport or apparently encoded on to the I- Card.


Foreigners who hold an I-Card but are out of the country in January and February are cautioned that they must report within two weeks of subsequent return to the country. If they do not, they again face a PhP200 per month “late filing” fine. This oversight will not be detected by the authorities until the next attempt to file either an annual report or to renew an I-Card, so the accrued penalties could be significant.


This article was kindly contributed by MultiRational Corporation which for 12 years has been of leader of helping, advising and processing visas for foreigners living and working in the Philippines. Assistance is available from this link.



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