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Flowers are in Full Bloom at the Panagbenga Festival 2018


The Summer Capital of the Philippines is smelling sweet from afar with flowers filling the entire city for this year’s Panagbenga Festival. The Panagbenga festival, also known as the Baguio Flower Festival, is the most visited celebration of the city as the organisers hold various events, floral floats and native street dances. The event presents the history, tradition and values of Baguio and Cordillera. It runs for a month and flourishes through community spirit involvement. 




This year’s theme is “Inspiring the Community for a Greener Tomorrow,” with the city’s best flowers used in the occasion’s float parade—the simplest float uses at least 1,000 bundles of flowers. 

Panagbenga is from the South-Cordilleran language, Kankana-ey, which means “a season of blossoming; a time for blooming.” The festival has grown to become the country’s “best avenue where people of Baguio shine and innovate what best depicts their community – with everyone co-owning the festival.” ( 

One of the highlights of the festival, the flower parade, has occurred last weekend but there are remaining activities to watch out for until March 3. Please see schedule below:


flower float 


Panagbenga 2018 Calendar Of Events (Provisional) 

Contact numbers: 

Panagbenga Secretariat

(For basic enquiries, Grand Street Dance Parade, sponsorship and other events)

BCVB Building, Abad Santos Drive, Burnham Park, Baguio City, Philippines 2600 

Telefax: (+63)(74) 442 4315



Baguio Blooms (Market Encounter) and Session Road in Bloom 

Hotel and Restaurant Association of Baguio



Street Dance and Float Parade







How to get to Baguio:




From Manila take the NLEX up to Exit 85, to get to the SCTEX. Shift to the right lane and head for Baguio via Tarlac (going straight takes you to Subic). Drive the length of the SCTEX until the Tarlac City exit where you will turn left to a country road. Drive about 10km more, following road signs until you reach MacArthur Highway

+/- 120km total



Turn right to MacArthur Highway, pass through the remaining four towns of Tarlac province, and the length of Pangasinan province making no turns, till you reach Rosario, La Union.

+/- 90km



Turn right at the Rosario junction to Kennon Road or go a little further (about 500 meters more) & turn right to the new entrance to Marcos Highway.

+/- 30km/40km




Author: Expatch Editorial Team



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