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Affordable Beach Resorts In Batangas


Batangas is known for its beautiful beaches such as Laiya in San Juan which is just a few hours away from Manila. However, not everyone can afford the pricey accommodation and most would rather go for cheaper alternatives as they have their own lifestyle of a fun stay at the beach.

Yet, If you’re a budget traveler, you can still live your own fun lifestyle at these stunning beaches. These affordable beach resorts in Batangas are definitely worth visiting at summer.

1.Sombrero Island, Tingloy, Batangas


“Sombrero” means hat in Spanish and the name itself means the unique hat-like shape of the island. The clear beach can be reached via a 15- to 20-minute boat ride from Anilao port.
Sombrero Island is a good spot for snorkeling because it’s teeming with aquatic life. This island is also a favorite side trip for mountaineers who are trekking Mount Gulugod Baboy.
Here’s a sample travel itinerary and budget for a day tour of Sombrero Island:


2. Aquaria Beach Resort, Playa, Calatagan, Batangas



Aquaria Beach Resort offers you and your family all the amenities needed to enjoy a nice and relaxing day at the beach.
You can lounge and swim in the pool area where there are three-story slide for yourself and a kiddie pool for your children. And you can enjoy the warming heat and sunset views over the blue sea.
The entrance fee is P400 on the weekdays and P600 on weekends. There are no cottages available for overnight stays, however, you can always bring some food and enjoy a picnic on the beach to make for a perfect day trip.
Here’s a summary of your basic expenses if you stay at Playa:

3. Coral Beach, Lian, Batangas

Coral Beach is best known for serving their guests lunch on a raft. People can enjoy grilled food while floating out in the sea and going for a swim right after. The beach has plenty of cheap accommodations and is perfect for team building activities or an enjoyable vacation with the family.

This is one of the best and most affordable beach resorts in Batangas, lauded for its comfortable hotel, good food and accommodating and friendly staff.

Here’s a table with the different room rates for accommodations at Coral Beach:


4. Fortune Island, Nasugbu, Batangas

A must-see here is to take some time to look upon the abandoned remains of what once was a luxurious resort built during the ‘90s. Now it resembles ancient Grecian architecture

Fortune Island’s appeal lies in these ruins as well as its white sand beach. People come here to unwind and take scenic photographs of the sunset amidst the unique Grecian backdrop. Whilst others come to pump up their adrenaline by cliff diving or snorkeling.

There is no electricity, and most people only come for a day trip. People who want to stay longer will need to bring tents, food, and drinking water. Take note that there are also no toilets on the island.

Here’s the detailed travel itinerary and budget for a day tour to Fortune Island:

5. Masasa Beach, Tingloy, Batangas

Touch the warm sands and swim in the blue sea. Since there are no inns or hotels around the area it’s best to make this a day tour,. Campers may also set up a tent on the beach, or stay at a resort in nearby Anilao. On route to the mini-paradise, do adventure yourself amongst the locals as you will have to bypass a remote residential area and rice fields just to get to the secluded beach.

If you’re in a large group, you may pay for an island-hopping tour for P2,500. Popular stops include Sombrero Island and Sepoc Point.

Here’s a sample travel itinerary and budget for a day trip to Masasa Beach:


6. Sunrise Cove, Calatagan, Batangas

Located in the coastal town of Calatagan, Sunrise Cove is a lesser known but affordable place for diving, snorkeling, or just enjoying a relaxing time by the beach. It’s the best-kept secret of beach lovers who want a secluded, white sand beach experience just a few hours away from Manila.

Sunrise Cove room rates start at P1700 for two. Each of its rustic villas have an awesome private view of the sea and their own kitchen. You can cook your own food and bring your own drinks with no corkage fee. There are no nearby restaurants, but there is a caretaker at the beach who can cook and serve meals for you at your request.

Here are the room rates for the accommodations at Sunrise Cove:


7. Binukbok Viewpoint Resort, Bauan, Batangas

Binukbok Viewpoint Resort is located on the shores of a Philippine Marine Sanctuary. It is one of the few places near Manila where you can go diving and snorkeling on a budget.

Accommodation rates start at P880 per person (promo rate), which includes a three-person tent with mattress and a pillow, free Wi-Fi, a 20-minute round trip boat transfer, unlimited snorkeling at the resort – this includes a mask, snorkel, and life vest, environmental fee, and unlimited coffee (yes to unlimited kapeng barako!). The resort lets you use the common kitchen, as well as cooking utensils.

There are also private fan or air conditioned rooms which can accommodate three to six people. The budget for these rooms starts at P1500.

8. Punta Verde Dive Resort, Lobo, Batangas

Covered with the green environment and the inviting excitement of azure blue seas, Punta Verde Dive Resort is the place to go for those who seek a respite from the pollution and blare of urban life. It’s also for those who seek fresh destinations to explore and new adventures.

The Punta Verde Dive Resort is set in the middle of lush greens with overlooking views of the beach. All enjoyed from the comfort Spanish-themed villas and huts.

Their Sampaguita Hut starts at P3500 per night with free breakfast. You may also opt for a day tour, at P750 from Friday to Sunday, and P500 for Monday to Thursday. No entrance fee.

Here’s the room rates for Punta Verde:

9. Manuel Uy Beach Resort, Calatagan, Batangas

For budget travelers, Manuel Uy Beach is the best place to be. It’s located at Santa Anna in the town of Calatagan. This white beach can be reached via public or private land transportation.

You cannot find any hotels or bungalows here. You’ll have to bring tents if you wish to stay a night but you’ll still have the luxury of electricity. The shade from the trees will give you the best feel for home as you lay under the sun on the white sand. If you are looking for a hotel resort, you can go to Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort which is near from Manuel Uy Beach.

10. Isla Verde, Batangas

Situated between the islands of Luzon and Mindoro, Isla Verde, is home to some of the country’s best marine reserves. Isla Verde is at the center of the world’s coral triangle – The Verde Island Passage. Known for its pristine clear blue waters and Palawan like white sands, the island is a favorite among local, backpackers, wanderers, foreign tourists looking for adventure and awesome gateway away from the noise of the busy city.

Here’s a sample travel itinerary and budget for Isla Verde:


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