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Bangus Festival


For Fish lover, you must go to Bangus festival on 6th to 30th April at Dagupan city. Dagupan City located at Lingayen Gulf on the island of Luzon where locals are called Dagupeños.  The city is known for producing milkfish (locally known as bangus), the country’s national fish.

Bangus (Milk Fish)

The day to bow your head to bangus and keep the traditional alive. This is one of the tourist attraction of the country. They organize a cooking contest, the best to prepare Bangusine cuisine.

Street filled with energetic street performers that draws your attention, and you may join the dances with the locals. The festival show the people the harvest of bangus was abundant and pray for the same for upcoming years.

Street with Energetic street performers

You can see the street filled with performers with the colorful dress and along the street side, the Dagupeños preparing Bangusine cuisine which you should try.

Bangus Prepared by Local

The culture, mankind and the living style of this people make this place beautify. Not only bangusine cuisine are made but also their local foods are prepared.

Looking for a hotel to hold up the day? Here is list of hotels you may prefer.

How to get there?

Planning to travel to Dagupan from Manila within your budget, take a bus ride from Valariano Fugoso terminal or from Manila Caloocan terminal whichever comes near. The bus ride takes you over 6 hours 30 minutes and cost you $8 – $10.

Bangus Festival Schedule  



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