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Business Opportunities In The Philippines


Looking to set up a business in the Philippines but not sure what to do that is certain to be a big hit? Here are some of the top business opportunities in the Philippines.

Your business success depends on your goal in the market and the effort you put in. Every business is a risk but you always have the potential to make it successful as long as you have your goals and intentions all planned out


  1. Poultry Farming

If you are looking for a small but fast growing business, then you can start poultry farming. According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Filipino consumption rate for chicken is 11.6%. This business is not suitable if you are living in the city but it is easy to start. Buy some chicks and raise them till they are ready to yield you profit.

  1. Restaurant Business

Knowing that Filipinos love to eat makes putting up a restaurant a feasible business idea.

You must know, you are on war with many other challengers. To win, you got to prepare a winning recipe. Flavorful dishes, unique twists to classic Filipino delicacies and quality customer service could give you the name in this kind of business . Never forget to have backup plan and never lose your hope. As one failure leads you to more experience maybe even a new business idea to venture on.

  1. Manufacturing handicraft products

Filipinos are creative, crafty and resourceful in nature. Give us a material to work on and you might be amazed at the end product. The number of tourists arriving in the Philippines is increasing yearly, and your business to sell the handicraft products can grow. You can also just buy the products from the countryside and sell these to tourist spots and gift shops. Based on recent statistics from Trading Economics of Philippines, the number of tourist arrivals in the Philippines is averaged 244,425.09 from 1991 until 2017 (Src: ).  Tourism rate is expected to increase in the following years with the Department of Tourism continuous efforts to promote The Philippines and it’s beauty to foreigners and locals, too.

  1. Agriculture

I know the youth are so annoyed with the word agriculture. Why are you so afraid, when the market is in demand of organic products, as well  as animal products. There is no point where your product won’t be sold in the market and all you need is your effort and positive attitude.

  1. Laundry Shop

Setting up this business will be costly as you have to buy a lot of laundry equipment but this business is less stressful as compared to an Agriculture based business.

Most of the Filipinos are too  busy as they are engaged in more than one job, and hardly find a time for laundry. That is when your business can make a good income. Make sure to get a location with high traffic of people and accessible to every means of transportation.


  1. Recruitment agency

The unemployment rate is growing in the Philippines as well as around the globe. There are many companies who are looking to hire the youth as their skills. You can work as a linker between the youth and the companies providing the job opportunities.

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