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Water Sports Activities In The Philippines


The crystal clear blue seas, lakes and running rivers of the Philippines makes water sports an activity you shouldn’t miss, especially for adventure seekers! A few of these include canyoneering on the Badian river, rafting in Davao and kayaking in EL Nido which will cool down your adventure under the summer heat.

Canyoneering In Cebu

Canyoneering in Badian

Canyoneering down the fast flowing Matutinao river, start from Kanlaob river in the town of Alegria, Cebu and head down the stream. The river flows over the  jungle, rock extended outward and cliff facing down the clear water till you make your way to Kawasan Falls in Badian, which can take you over four hours.

To make it possible, you need a dauntless mind set to face this rapid flowing river which depth varies from place to place. Never forget to have your safety equipment first, the slippery rocks and the rapidly flowing river can be extremely challenging for the experienced swimmers.

Rafting in Davao river

Rafting in Davao water

Rafting in Davao water

Davao River in the Marilog District is a fast flowing river that makes rafting an adventure. Rafting starts from Barangay Tamugan where you have to face challenges with names like “Monkey Wall”, “Washing Machine” and “Drop & Suck” during your way down until you make out from Calinan District.

Teamwork is required to make it a success, and you will be briefed on the commands and safety regulations, paddling and rescue techniques.

Kayaking in EL Nido, Palawan

Bacuit Bay in El Nido, Palawan makes the best place for kayaking. You can find yourself free from boat engine noise and crowd. It is surrounded by white sands, sea and cliffs.

You can hop from one island to another,visit caves and lagoons on the cliffs if the weather is favourable enough.

Paddle Boarding

Paddling can be a great workout for your legs, arms, back and core muscles as well as you will enjoy. Falling and again stand, and when you think you got the balance, then paddling the board makes your day.

You can enjoy paddling in Anilao, where there are calm waters for SUP ( Stand Up Paddle)  enthusiasts, where you can paddle freely over the protected bay. But be sure not to paddle far away, for your safety.


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