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Lechon Festival


The Parada ng Lechon (roasted pig parade) is celebrated annually every 24th of June which is the same day for the feast day of San Juan (Saint John the Baptist), at Balayan Batangas. According to an old villager, lechon was celebrated before the arrival of Spaniards in the Philippines. Lechon is one of the Batangas delicacy and even in other provinces in the Philippines.

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Preparing the Pig for the Parade

On the roasting pit, the pig is placed on the spit placing charcoal around the pig. It is left to roast for at least 5 hours while the skin is being brushed with the pig’s own fat, making the skin crispy. After that, the pig is being dressed depends on the theme that the social organization has chosen for the annual event, then Participating lechons are then lined up to the church’s patio while a mass is being celebrated and blessed in honor of St. John the Baptist.

Once the parade is over, people will feast on the lechons together with some drinking all throughout the day.


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