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Celebrate Canada Day 2018


Every year, Canadians celebrate “Canada Day” or also known as “Fête du Canada” in French on the 1st of July to commemorate the nation’s anniversary and the passing of the British North America Act which was published on 1st July 1867.. Originally, this holiday is called “Dominion Day” or “Le Jour de la Confédération” in French. It was renamed as Canada Day by the Act of Parliament on the 27th of October 1982.

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This is a major national holiday which is comparative to 4th of July in the United States. On this day government offices, schools, banks and most businesses in Canada are closed. The streets around Parliament Hill in Ottawa are also closed to give way to main public festivities, it is also in Ottawa where the Prime Minister gives a speech along with a special awards ceremony for new immigrants. Also, as part of the celebration, “O Canada” is sung and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police perform their “Musical Ride” on horseback. Canada Day includes exhibits and display of the Canadian national flag, parades with Canadian theme, and fireworks in the evening.



The Royal Canadian Mounted Police in a parade


Since Canada is the home of several Filipino immigrants, Canada Day holds a significance here in the Philippines too. This year, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines will have a Canada Day celebration in Manila.


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