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Spend Your Long Weekend in Taipei

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Just south of Batangas is the island of Mindoro. Its northern coast, Puerto Galera, can be reached by boat within 1-2 hours from the Batangas Port. Puerto Galera is known for having a lot of beaches, and it took some research to pick the right beach to stay in. The obvious choices were Sabang and White Beach. We went for the latter thinking it had white sand. Unfortunately, it did not. Later on, we realized it was the better decision, because Sabang did not have a beach at all. Instead, it was known as Puerto Galera’s Red Light District with a busy night life. On the other hand, White Beach is a bit more like Boracay with all the water sports and chill beach bars.

Apart from the sand not being white, it was also coarse with broken corals and small pebbles. These would graze my skin whenever the strong waves–but not strong enough to surf–pulled and pushed us to shore. It was thrilling but mostly scary for me, because there was a risk of being pulled towards the sea if caught unaware, and the sea floor drops dramatically where the waves and the shore meet. Despite these, we still enjoyed Puerto Galera because it’s significantly less crowded than Boracay, closer to Metro Manila, and offers both the night life and the “calm”.

Just a tip when traveling to Puerto Galera: BRING LOTS OF CASH, at least PHP 4000 per person. ATMs are hard to come by on the island. The closest one was in the bayan (town proper), which was 7 minutes away from White Beach or about PHP 100 by tricycle. PNB was the only bank with an ATM in the area, and I believe there’s a withdrawal fee if your debit card is affiliated with a different bank.

Getting to White Beach, Puerto Galera


We had initially planned on parking our car in the Batangas port, but we saw that they had ROROs going to Puerto Galera. RORO (“Roll On, Roll Off”) is a kind of ferry that allows you to bring your vehicle onboard to get it from one port to another. Although it travels slower and costs more than a fastcraft, the benefit of having a private vehicle is the comfort and additional storage space it offers. Say goodbye to flagging down and haggling with trikes! Below are the cost breakdown and schedules for the Batangas-Balatero route.


Puerto Galera Island Hopping


Things to Do in White Beach


  1. Island Hopping, Fishing, etc.
  2. Water Sports.
  3. Other Activities and Events


Food Trip Highlights

White beach is lined with bars and eateries. Most of them serve Filipino and Filipinized American food. One of the things we had was Chicken Inasal from a local food chain in called Food Trip. They serve unlimited rice for every rice meal.





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