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In Tagalog: Words for Occupation


For today’s Tagalog/Filipino word lesson, we shall learn the different words for people’s occupation.


Dressmakers, tailors, models, singers, and teachers…they fill our days with entertainment, art, inspiration and education. They help develop us into cosmopolitan, refined, well-mannered and educated citizens.





Mananahi – dressmaker, tailor  (general word for a person who sews clothes and garments, from the root word “tahi” which means “to sew”)

a. modista – dressmaker, clothes for women

b. sastre – tailor for men’s clothes / originally a Spanish word


Modelo – model


Mang-aawit – singer


Guro – teacher



Say it correctly:

Mananahi – mah-na-na-hee (with intonation on the third syllable)

Modista – moh-dees-tah (with intonation on the second syllable)

Sastre – saz-trey (with intonation on the first syllable)

Modelo – moh-de-loh (with intonation on the second syllable)

Mang-aawit – mang-a-a-weet (with intonation on the third syllable)

Guro – gooh-roh (with intonation on the first syllable)


Reminder: In Tagalog/Filipino language, vowels are always pronounced in their short form. For example, short “a” like in bat, cat, mat.  Not long “a” like in Kate, rate, hate.



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