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In Tagalog: Kasaysayan ng Pilipinas


Translation: Philippine History


Learning about Philippine history is a way to feel at home and get adjusted here. It also gives one a better appreciation of the common places you see around you.


Example in a sentence:

“Pag-aralan natin ang kasaysayan ng Pilipinas.” – “Let us study/learn about Philippine history.”


Word guide:

kasaysayan – (noun) history

pag-aralan – (verb) to study

natin – (pronoun) us/we



Marcela Mariño de Agoncilio in “The Making of the Philippine Flag”, painting by Fernando Amorsolo, Filipino National Artist


Museum Volunteers of the Philippines (MVP) invites everyone to join their history course for  2017-2018 “Philippines: Past and Present” which starts on September.


For more information about history courses, please contact:


Museum Volunteers of the Philippines

Facebook page:






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