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The Underground River of Puerto Princesa


The ultimate guide to Puerto Princesa

Ever heard of Puerto Princesa? If not, then you haven’t heard of a paradise located in Palawan Philippines where the underground river is located.  If yes, you may have seen some pictures about it and its beauty or even heard from someone how perfect the place is. If ever you want to visit this beautiful place this article is your ultimate guide.



When is the best time to visit Puerto Princesa?

Before everything else, we must know when to visit this paradise. We suggest to check the weather updates before proceeding. Since Puerto Princesa is located in the Philippines where the season is wet and dry, the best time to visit is during summer season which is April to June. Heavy rains are expected around August to October, but the nice thing about off-peak season is hotels and flights can give discounts as much as 50% off.


How to get to Puerto Princesa?

There are two ways to get to Puerto Princesa, by Air or by Sea. By Air is much faster but more expensive than by sea. If you will be travelling by Air, book your ticket to Puerto Princesa International Airport. Via sea, look for a ferry ride going to Coron Palawan. However, since excitement will flow in your veins once you are about to travel to this paradise, we recommend looking for a travel agency with an all-inclusive package tour. Less hassle and much faster to get there where everything is all prepared for you. It’s a vacation after all. Many travel packages like one from Princesa Garden Island Resort includes complimentary airport transfer, hotel accommodation, tour, and food. Just make sure to get a package that includes a tour to the underground river which is the highlight of your tour.


What are the other best places to visit in Puerto Princesa (Tour’s appetizer)?

Aside from the Underground River and the white sand beaches in Puerto Princesa, we recommend to visit the following places as your tour appetizer before going to the main dish to get the most out of this paradise. Most travel packages includes these places as the 1st day tour.

  1. Plaza Cuartel – If you are someone who loves history or old structures, this one would probably give you an excitement. This was the site of former penal colony built in 1940’s.
  2. Baywalk- You’re Instagram feed won’t be complete if you don’t have a picture on this place as your cover of your Palawan Tour.
  3. Crocodile Farm- Puerto Princesa’s Palawan Rescue and Wildlife center is not just a farm for crocodiles, it is also a mini zoo featuring some endemic animals.
  4. Binuatan Weaving Creations- The best memorabilia to buy from your Palawan tour are the creations of Binuatan Weavers. Check out their handmade bags, purse, etc.
  5. Mitra Ranch- Be one with the nature in this peaceful place where you can also get a spectacular views of Honda Bay.
  6. Baker’s Hill- If you are baker wannabe, or someone who loves pastries and delicacies, Baker’s hill is the best place.


Tour’s main dish: Underground River

Since the underground river is your main dish of tour, we recommend going to this place in your second day or any day that you won’t have any other plans. The tour in this place might take the whole day. Why? Well, we’re actually talking about the famous subterranean river in Palawan that made it to the New 7 Wonders of Nature a few years ago, so who doesn’t want to spend a lot of time in this awesome place.

You can eat first once you get to Sabang and then ride the boat tour to the underground river. Some boat tours will give you headset and the tour guides will ask you to turn it on so you can hear the history of the underground river while spectating its beauty. As you travel the river, you’ll get to be closer to nature as you’ll see monkeys and monitor lizard around but they are completely harmless so no need to worry. Many travelers and visitors described the underground river as fascinating and a must see. The tour itself may take 45 minutes up to 1 hour.



Tour’s dessert: Island Hoping at Honda Bay, and Firefly Watching tour

Of course our appetite of wonder won’t be complete without the dessert. The best way to enjoy the next day of your tour is by checking out the majestic islands of Honda Bay through Island Hopping. Be amazed with the view of the Islands such as Luli, Starfish, Pandan, and Cowrie. The whole Island hopping tour might take 2 to 3 hours and will take longer if you wish to do snorkeling. Afterwards, don’t hesitate to get to a boat for a river firefly watching tour at night time. It’s a 30 minutes boat tour where you will be watching fireflies on trees. Be amazed as your eyes wonder on the hundreds or thousands of fireflies around in this tour.

For your last day, or after all your tours, enjoy the white sand, and swim on the crystal clear water of the beaches in Puerto Princesa. You can also take a walk on sandbars around, ride a jet ski, or a banana boat, and many more exciting activities on the beaches.



Tour length and budget

It’s up to you if you want to stay longer but the recommended stay to get the most out of this place is 4 days or a week. As per budget, all-inclusive packages are ranging from P16,000 to P20,000 per head depending on the travel agency you chose.

All in all, Puerto Princesa is one of the great place here in Philippines for vacation. It’s beautiful enough for people to call it a paradise.


Author: Expatch Editorial Team 





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