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Expatch is a website, news source, blogger environment, calendar and newsletter for expats and foreign business people working in the Philippines. It is the only website of its kind here with full-time staff that regularly update its content.


Current Features:

> We feature articles with substantial content that will make your stay here in the Philippines worthwhile.

> It is highly interactive. We would love to know what you think about or posts and what kind of information you want to see on our website.

> This site is open to expats who would want to contribute their knowledge and experience here in the Philippines in the form of blog entries or business articles. In return we would advertise your company/business for free.


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The Expatch mission is to help foreigners have an engaging and positive experience during their time living and working in the Philippines. Expatch is an information and community resource managed by full-time staff who are dedicated to helping foreigners and Filipinos embrace cultures and understanding in a way that enriches the living experience of all. Expatch is interactive and open for your comments, stories and experiences here in the Philippines so become an author yourself by signing up as a contributor on the login form. Consider our Calendar as a comprehensive “What’’s On” as it is constantly updated by our full-time staff. It is always full of foreigner-friendly events that will make your time here in Manila more enjoyable. Event organisers can promote their events that are of interest to foreigners free.


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Raise your profile or promote your business by contributing relevant articles. Have you been somewhere or had an interesting experience in the Philippines? Do you have advice or tips for other foreigners? Are you an expert in your field or have an interest, sport or hobby to share? Use Expatch to reach your local expat community.



Your Expatch editor welcomes your help to let foreigners know of your event, restaurant, service, resort or other business which is relevant and of interest to foreigners living in Manila. Contact the editor for the article style and content guide.




DISCLAIMER: For those who want to be contributors, we will only publish articles that are rich and relevant in content. We will not accept articles for self-promotion. Click here to view Publishing Policy


Upcoming Features:

> Subscribers will be able to filter the content of their newsletter by choosing from a list of categories

> Articles, news, information and Q & A about your visa concerns through our “Visa Diva”

> A forum where expats can connect with one another on a regular basis

> A portal where you could promote your events and we’ll match various business establishments that are willing to sponsor. (CSR management)

> Membership management system for various chambers of commerce here in the Philippines.

> Private online community where you can register.

> iPhone and Android mobile phone applications that lets you access information while in transit.

> Updated Calendar of Events that will send out invitations. Click here to view Calendar of Events

> “Expat of the Month”- a section where we will feature expats all over Manila, with their permission of course

> A photo diary of your travels here in the Philippines


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