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Can Foreigners Get a Gun License in the Philippines?


For some people, owning a gun means security while they are in their own county. However, if you are a foreigner living in the Philippines, you should check this article out to be aware of rules here in this country.


Gun control art


Without further ado, foreigners are not allowed to own or carry a gun here in the Philippines and they cannot apply for a gun license too. This is according to “Comprehensive Firearms and Ammunition Regulation Act” or R.A. 10591. It states on this Republic Act that “only qualified Filipino citizens have the right to self-defense through the use of firearms, under certain circumstances”.


However, there are exemptions on this republic act that allows foreigners to have or carry a gun. One is on section 22.4 of R.A. No. 10591. The section states:


  • “For foreign dignitaries, law enforcement officers, foreign attaches, security officers and other foreign government agents bearing firearms or persons/groups needing to import firearms for lawful purposes, either officially issued and licensed or registered in the country of origin shall declare the existence thereof before embarkation at the country of origin and upon disembarkation. Said firearm and ammunition shall be validated by concerned law enforcement agency and be reported to the FEO. (Firearms and Explosives Office)”


This means that, only an active military personnel and the like who’s operating in the Philippines under the Visiting Forces Agreement are the only foreigners who can carry a gun here in the country. However, there are locations where foreign military personnel are restricted from bringing firearms.


Another exception to the rule is from Section 22.3 or R.A. No. 10591. It states:


“In case that the person arriving from abroad is a sports shooting competitor, he/she shall declare the existence thereof before embarkation at the country of origin and upon disembarkation. Said firearm or ammunition shall be deposited with the Collector of Customs who, thereafter, shall endorse the same to the authorized representative of the Chief, PNP for the issuance of a Permit to Transport to and from the venue of the competition.”


If you are not qualified for those exceptions, another way to have a gun license is if you have a local citizen spouse, he or she can apply for a gun license instead, if you think owning a gun is really necessary for both of yours and your family’s security.


The place to apply for a gun license is at the PNP Headquarters in Camp Crame, Quezon City. Qualified applicants for owning and carrying a gun license must:

  • Be at least 21 years of age.
  • Must have a full work occupation or business.
  • Must be taxpayer.
  • Must pass a drug test.
  • Must have a court clearance.
  • Must have a neuro-psychiatric clearance.
  • Must have a National Police Clearance.
  • Must attend a gun safety seminar by PNP or accredited gun club.


Lastly, if you are a foreigner who can’t use all of the exceptions to the R.A. 10591 rules, living in an executive village or a condo/apartment building with strict security standards can provide you safety.



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